London estate agent Russell Simpson has released a report breaking down Chelsea into its six micro-districts and commenting on who the inhabitants, past and present, are


Old Chelsea has been an area popular with the wealthy throughout history. It was used as a residential base for the Saxon maritime industry, transporting chalk from the River Thames, the residential base for royals and their advisors, as well as producing the world famous Chelsea China before the porcelain works on Lawrence Street closed in the 18th Century.

Old Church Street in Old Chelsea has various important properties many with grand historical significance, including The Rectory. Developed in the 1752 and originally the home of the rectors of Chelsea Parish Church, it boasts the second largest private garden area in London, second to Buckingham Palace.

The historic ambience and riverside location is popular with high net-worth internationals, attracting residents such as Roman Abramovich, Amanda Eliyash and Mick Jagger. Old Chelsea’s best addresses include Old Church Street, Justice Walk and Lawrence Street, across the area.

18 Cheyne Row, Old Chelsea

Burton Court was once home to Oscar Wilde, who resided in Tite Street, and the English retreat of American filmmaker Joseph Losey. It is seen as the Chelsea “Intellectual Quarter”. Now it’s home to various art galleries, including the Saatchi Gallery, and Chelsea Library.


18 Upper Cheyne Row

Plus it’s a popular social destination for sports and gardening enthusiasts, with the annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show and sports pitches around Chelsea Royal Hospital.

32 Radnor Walk, Burton Court

Chelsea Green, located in the north east corner of Chelsea, is described as a ‘village within the city’. A number of local outlets, butchers, fishmongers and restaurants based around Elystan Street produce a traditional village ambience and sense of local community.

It is also home to some of the country’s top language schools so many Europeans choose to live in this area who enjoy the village ambience. 

9 Ranelagh House, Chelsea Green

Chelsea Town is focused around the north side of the King’s Road stretching along most of its entirety. The high-end boutiques, art galleries and Michelin-starred restaurants attract wealthy internationals who enjoy having luxury on their doorstep.

The Clock House, Chelsea Town

The Boltons is one of the best places to live in Chelsea, providing large private garden spaces, terraces and squares. Properties in The Boltons are perfect for families, it has strong transport links to the West of England (A4, M4) for weekend breaks, as well as easy connections into Central London.

6 The Boltons

West Chelsea is popular with an affluent young set and is home to ‘The Chelsea Beach’ a stretch of bars and restaurants along Fulham Road. West Chelsea is also within close proximity to Earl’s Court, providing strong transport links into the city, and is an area that attracts tourists who take advantage of the array of cafés, galleries and boutiques.

Which of Chelsea’s neighbourhood is for you? 



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