The bedroom is where you spend most of your time relaxing, but have you noticed that without conscious care, this peaceful abode gets cluttered? This is a common problem experienced by too many of us. Often a simple, clutter-free functional design makes for the perfect bedroom ambiance and reduces stress. Check out these top five tips to create bedroom an ambient haven…  

1 Change the old bed
Invariably, a bed is the most important part of the bedroom and therefore needs to be updated. A spacious soft bed covered with clean, designer linen looks sumptuous to the senses. For modern luxury beds, there are many options to choose from. Of course, you don’t have to break the bank for luxury beds with offering big savings on high-end leather beds. Always insist on high-quality Egyptian cotton for a soft touch feel.

2 Cool neutral interior colors
A bedroom need not look dazzling like the ballroom. It should invoke a sense of peace and comfort with cool, inconspicuous shades. Neutral colors are the best choices as they are soothing to the eyes and do not cause too much distraction. You can further enhance the ambiance by using bedroom light with a soft and warm glow, creating a candle lit atmosphere.

3 Avoid the clutter
Too often, furniture and decorative attributes will make the space cluttered and all your labor to create a delicately soothing ambiance will be lost. Modern design in most instances is about simplicity and ease rather than overdecorating. Avoid too many furniture and decorative pieces, but leave room for a few of your splendid favorites.

Keep it simple and avoid clutter

4 Straightforward simple furniture
Bedroom furniture can be the ultimate determinant of your room’s ambiance. Furniture with simple and straight lines, should be preferred as they save more space, offer ease and do not cause visual clutter in the room. Unless you have a Victorian style bedroom, space can be more effectively used with light furniture.

5 Use beautiful window covers and blinds
Window covers, curtains, and blinds are important to create a lighter, airy feel inside the bedroom. Do not clutter the windows by using both blinds and curtains, choose one or the other. Lighter blinds allow more light inside the room, but if the window is too exposed to the scorching summer sun, you can choose a darker shade. For curtains, always choose a simple designed straight panel with proper contrast and semblance to the interior color scheme.

Last but not least, you must consider your bedroom’s flooring. Wooden floors look great and an additional personal touch can be added by placing a quality rug on the floor.

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