5 Expert Tips on Bathroom Design

Stuart Kerr, Retail Operations Manager at BAGNODESIGN, shares his expert bathroom design tips to help you create a beautiful bathroom with just the right combination of style, comfort and function…

1 Do your research
The internet is a great source of inspiration, with sites such as Pinterest being ideal for gathering ideas of what you would and wouldn’t like your new bathroom to look like. Search interior design magazines too and make a scrapbook of ideas that you can present to your designer at the beginning of the planning stage.

2 Make a bathroom wish list
What are your must-have items and what could you live without? If this is a second bathroom and there is a bathroom already elsewhere in the home, you may want to use the floor space for a luxury walk-in shower. If it is the family bathroom then clever storage solutions will no doubt be a priority. Think about who will be using the bathroom, and how they will be using it, to help you formulate a tick-list.

3 Budget well
Be realistic about how much you would like to spend on your new bathroom and let your designer know, so that the budget can be concentrated on the right areas. Also, don’t forget to set aside a small contingency fund; this can always be spent on accessories when the project is complete if it wasn’t required for anything else.

4 Be brave
Don’t be afraid to experiment with ideas and to introduce different materials and finishes into your bathroom to create a luxury finish. As a personal space, this is one room of your home where you can really let your individuality show and introduce lots of character. Introduce new and different textures and opt for alternatives to tiles for the walls as a cost-effective way of making a stunning bathroom.

5 Show it off
Once your new bathroom is complete, spend lots of ‘me time’ in it by relaxing and rejuvenating but make sure you show it off too. Invite friends and family to use it when they visit and don’t forget to mention where you got the products from!

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