5 of 2020’s Hottest Colour Trends for Your Home

Planning an interiors overhaul? Check out these hot colour tones for your home in 2020, from sumptuous winter colours to spring-friendly natural materials


Add a little heat with shades of scarlet, the ultimate look-attention-to-me colour that shouldn’t be approached timidly. This on is about fire, passion and confidence, and it’s wonderfully warm in the winter.

MAGIC mauve

From aubergine to violet, make the most of the colour purple

deep BLUE

Rich shades of blue warm the soul and soothe the mind


The glory of green is the way it interacts with light, varying its hues as the day goes on

Au Naturel

This trend mixes natural elements such as cotton fabrics, copper finishes and wood materials. Pair burnt orange tones with navy and complete the look with an array of houseplants.


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