10 Cool Tech Gadgets for 2018

Kara O’Reilly picks out her best in class for home technology and hi-tech personal gadgets, from a foldable drone to a selfie printer and a temperature-control kettle. What’s more, see anything you like and simply click on the image to buy in just a few clicks from Ownable. Download the Ownable app from Google Play or the App Store and you can buy direct from The Resident magazines wherever you see the thumbprint! #BuyWhatYouSee

1. DJI Mavic air drone in Onyx Black
A foldable drone for filming on the move (£769, very.co.uk)

2. Canon Selphy CP1300
Print out images from your camera or smart phone with Canon’s new-gen version of its compact Selphy printer (£129.99, store.canon.co.uk)


DJI Mavic air drone in Onyx Black, £769

3. VT-E BT Vertical Turntable by Pro-Ject
This cool piece of kit has turned turntable design on its head – and it’s also Bluetooth enabled (£450, conranshop.co.uk)


Canon Selphy CP1300 printer, £129.99

4. Join the gaming, personal movie and experiential revolution.
Destek V4 VR headset, £55.99, amazon.co.uk


VT-E BT Vertical Turntable by Pro-Ject, £450

5. CRUX Precision Touch Temperature Control kettle
A kettle that boils water to the temperature that suits your brew (£99.99, lakeland.co.uk)


Destek V4 VR headset, £55.99

6. Wonderboom by Ultimate Ears
Its compact size doesn’t impact on its sound quality – one of the best portable wireless speakers around (£89, ao.com)


CRUX Precision Touch Temperature Control kettle

7. Belt twin-head cable
The charging cable for all your devices, in one beautifully designed package (£36.99, nativeunion.co.uk)


Wonderboom by Ultimate Ears, £89

8. KEEP battery pack
Pocket sized for emergency charging, along with a handy USB function and 8GB storage (£65, nolii.co.uk)


Belt twin-head cable, £36.99

9. Dualit Burr coffee grinder
Ensure every cup of coffee is at its most aromatically fresh with this easy-to-use grinder (£79.99, dualit.com)


KEEP battery pack with 8GB storage, £65

10. Hot and Cool Link Purifier Heater
Keep your cool or make some heat with another fabulous piece of practical design from Dyson (£499.99, dyson.co.uk)


Burr coffee grinder, £79.99



Dyson Hot and Cool Link Purifier Heater, £499.99,

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