Hugh Seaborn, Chief Executive of the Cadagon Estate explains how the Cadagon Concierge, a 24-hour service, is raising the bar, providing the absolute highest level of service possible at one of London’s most exclusive addresses


Chief Executive of the estate it serves, Hugh Seaborn, is certainly enhancing the excitement with the curtain now raised. ‘Members are able to contact the team for a myriad of services, including access to tickets for sold events and red carpet premieres, whether it’s a ticket to the Oscars or a court-side seat at the Wimbledon finals.’

It’s a service worthy of one of London’s most exclusive addresses. The Cadogan Estate is 93 acres of luxury market-led apartments, houses and commercial office occupiers in the heart of Chelsea. The fact that it has become a prime destination for residents from all across the globe meant that Seaborn and his team had to keep elevating its offering.

‘London’s residential scene is changing at a rapid pace,’ he says. ‘For us, it is more important than ever to establish clearly the role that the estate plays in the wider London picture as a desirable destination to live and work. We are very proud of our long standing role as stewards of the neighbourhood and committed to ensuring that our customers benefit from an exceptional experience.’

The Cadogan Concierge focuses on highlighting the culture across Chelsea

What makes the Cadogan Concierge unique – Oscar promises aside – is the fact that it’s a 24-hour service. ‘As a global metropolis and business capital, London is quickly becoming a 24 hour city,’ Seaborn explains. ‘In addition, residents of the Cadogan Estate come from all over the globe, with many working in different time zones or travelling extensively. To offer the true quality of service that is required, the Cadogan Concierge needs to be a 24 hour service.’

Despite such a global mix, Seaborn speaks about the sense of community prevalent at the Cadogan Estate, and this new service should only enhance that. ‘It is such an incredible neighbourhood,’ he enthuses, ‘and this service is an investment into our relationships with those who live and work on the estate and should help to further a real sense of community. The Cadogan Concierge focuses on highlighting the rich culture, fashion and eclectic eating out across Chelsea.’

It’s not just the glitzier side of life that the concierge is concerned with. ‘It supports bespoke event management, which ranges from private dining, baby showers to even helping would-be grooms – or brides – with their proposal,’ Seaborn adds. ‘Then it can assist with domestic staffing such as housekeepers and chauffeurs.’ You could say the Cadogan Concierge is award-worthy.

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