The thing about restaurants in Mayfair is that you expect it to be as high-class as the property on Monopoly.

I went to Grill 88 at The Biltmore Hotel in Mayfair at Grosvenor Square with my brother-in-law on June 14 to enjoy an evening at one of London’s poshest neighbourhoods.

In a nutshell: I walked into Grill 88 with high expectations and left absolutely satisfied.

We received a warm and efficient welcome where staff took our belongings so we weren’t burdened with our bags and coats, and were taken to our table, handed menus and given a few minutes to make our drinks choices.

I enjoyed a passion fruit cocktail which was very sweet, but very delicious.

The menu offers plenty of choices which exude luxury and had us indecisive.

In the end, we went for onion brioche and olive baton which came with fresh honeycomb, whipped butter and fresh ricotta.

The three sides complemented each other, and it marked a personal milestone of me trying honeycomb for the very first time.

Bread has never tasted so flavoursome before and just thinking of the onion brioche has me salivating.

The starters were just as starters should be: not too heavy but enough to last you until the mains arrive.

Now, unlike Cedric, I am not knowledgeable about steak so I needed the staff to explain to me.

Their suggestions were incredibly helpful, and I enjoyed the Australian Bavette Wagyu.

The steak came with an absolutely delicious peppercorn dressing which I ended up putting on everything – my steak, my side of triple cooked fries with truffles, and even the onion brioche.

Cedric enjoyed steak his steak from north of the globe – he had the Japanese Wagyu Striploin which he said was “perfect”, backed up by his facial expression after taking the first bite.

At first, I was sceptical of the portion size, but I was too quick to judge.

(Image: Ezekiel Bertrand)

There’s nothing worse than going to a restaurant and not being able to finish everything on your plate because you’re too full.

At Grill 88, my main was just enough and it left me as full as I needed to be.

Saying that, I, of course, still had room for dessert.

(Image: Ezekiel Bertrand)

Cedric and I chose to share dessert this time and we went for the baked Alaska, which came with coconut, passion fruit, and mango sorbet, vanilla sponge and Italian meringue in a literal bowl of sugar.

We were able to see the Alaska bake as the staff set fire to the dessert before we could eat it, making it an even more memorable experience.

Overall, I had an amazing evening at Grill 88 and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to enjoy a high-class evening out in London.

Our waiter Greg and hostess Yvonne were kind, knowledgeable, helpful, and always on-hand.