Going to a restaurant twice is one thing, three times maybe too, but eight times is either slightly crazy or means a restaurant is really quite good – I’m going with the latter in this case.

Grasso is one of Soho’s newest restaurants, and it’s taken the London eating scene by storm.

The food is out of this world, it’s not expensive and the music is impeccable (even with a DJ sometimes).

In my experience it’s hard in central London to find somewhere with good food, good vibes, and most importantly good prices.

(Image: Immy Share)

The restaurant spans across two floors with multiple different rooms for tables, and although they do have some tables available for walk-ins, I’d book well in advance because its so popular.

Grasso is an American-style Italian diner, and we all know that American style means big portions of good, tasty food.

The portions are HUGE, but it’s so good that you still end up wanting more.

A signature starter is the mozzarella sticks which come with nduja and honey – and honestly have a competition with your friends on who can do the better cheese pull, because trust me, that mozzarella is STRETCHY.

(Image: Immy Share)

They’re divine, more-ish, and soo cheesy.

I’ve also tried the burrata which is just as good, but slightly lighter if you’re wanting to save yourself for mains – which I’d advise doing.

(Image: Immy Share)

My go-to dish is the vodka pasta and it’s so tomato-ey, creamy, sauce-y and delicious.

It comes with chilli and parmesan, but the waiters have always been happy to accommodate when I’ve asked for a bit less spice.

(Image: Immy Share)

The vodka pizza is another classic, with a delicious vodka sauce base, burrata and parmesan.

My boyfriend absolutely loves the chicken parm, mum’s spaghetti and pepperoni passione pizzas.

If you can, I’d advise pretty much ordering most of the menu and sharing it all, because it’s all too good not to experience.

(Image: Immy Share)

The rosemary salt and pepper fries along with the zucchini fries are also a good addition to have on the side, as well as the chicken Caesar or kale salads – if you want to make a small attempt to be healthy at a diner.

The staff are so lovely, the food never ever goes wrong, you don’t leave hungry, the drinks are good (I’d recommend the Grasso Spritz) and it doesn’t break the bank.

Now, let me know if you can beat my 8 times visiting.