You might not think much goes on on a Wednesday night in Mayfair, but in one of London’s best, boujee-est upmarket restaurants, it’s the place to be.

Buzzing with atmosphere, live music and laughter, the immersive environment of rainforest-inspired lush greenery and natural minerals designed by internationally renowned artist Lázaro Rosa-Violan - also known as Amazonico - is where it’s at.

With interiors so Instagrammable that you don’t know where to start, a feature bar, open kitchen and multiple different rooms, you get transported into a Latin American world of the Amazon, Asia and the Mediterranean.

The menu combines cuisines and has anything from ceviche to grilled meats and fish and sushi and seafood, while the main restaurant has a live band performance, and a resident DJ in the bar and lounge.

The vibes are top notch, it’s mesmerising, cool, funky and before you’ve even started on the food and drink you feel like you want more.

The cocktail menu isn’t like any ordinary cocktail menu, but instead has carefully crafted concoctions all with drawings so that you see exactly what you’re getting.

The Resident:

And they don't just come in ordinary glasses, but instead are suited to each flavour, spirit and theme.

My boyfriend got the ‘Monkey Business’ which is Bulleit Bourbon Whisky, lemon, honey, fennel pollen, corn, ginger and banana – and most importantly, it comes in a cup with a monkey face on, which really does make you feel like you’re somewhere far away from our capital city.

I went for the Guaivo – a sweet mix of Tanqueray gin, watermelon and guava shrub, cardamon, lemon, pomegranate, muyu jasmine and soda.

To eat we had the Ensalada Amazonica – a mix of mango, avocado, confit tomato and kalamansi citrus. Maybe controversial, but one of my favourite additions to a salad is mango and this was absolutely perfect.

We also had the Aguachile – a Mexican style stone bass ceviche with avocado cream and jalapeno.

The Resident:  Stonebass ceviche at Amazonico Stonebass ceviche at Amazonico (Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)

The fish was fresh, it melted in the mouth, and the avocado flavouring was a nice contrast to the slight spice which hit the tongue when eating.

We couldn’t resist some sushi and had salmon and avocado and a spicy tuna roll – my favourite will always be salmon and avocado and when the fish is this thin, flavoursome and unpreserved, it’s hard to beat.

The Resident:

As a main course my boyfriend had steak and I had the Chilean bass. Both healthy in portion size, cooked to perfection, presented to please the eye, and tasting exquisite, we also couldn’t get enough of the chargrilled broccoli and baby carrots with new potatoes on the side.

It made for the perfect meal, with delicious differing and contrasting flavours, that left us wanting to try everything else even when we were rightly full.

Dessert is eaten by the heart and luckily there was room for that, because I think these two dishes were among the best I've ever had.

Roasted caramel glazed pineapple and hot chocolate fondant with avocado ice cream.

My mouth is watering and it's hard to put into words how good they were.

The Resident:  Amazonico desserts Amazonico desserts (Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)

Something a bit out of the ordinary, but it seriously worked.

Granted, it’s not a cheap dinner, but it’s one for that special occasion where you know you really want some good food, atmosphere, vibes and cocktails.

Amazonico has also recently launched its Nikkei lunch menu – Japazonico – where you get nigiri, maki and a pokezonico for £38 each.

To sit in one of London’s best restaurants and get some really good food, I’d say its worth it.

After starting in Madrid, you'll also find Amazonico restaurants in Monte Carlo and Dubai.