I went to the recently opened standalone bar at Mayfair’s Pavyllon London at the Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane – and it’s just as boujee, fancy and fun as it sounds.

Bar Antoine is the vibey bar for drinking, eating and relaxing on the terrace, with seats to lounge around in and a DJ with great tunes.

Pavyllon is by Chef Yannick Alléno, and the food menu at the bar features an array of dishes which are a combination of British produce, Chef Yannick’s French heritage and his time spent in Japan.

The Resident:

It’s such a wide-ranging menu and there’s something for everyone with its differing cuisines and flavours.

Head of Bars Michele Lombardi has recently launched the Ikigai menu which celebrates the Japanese concept of giving a person a sense of purpose and reason for living.

The cocktail menu, born out of Bar Antoine’s ethos of creating a holistic experience for their guests captures the essence of Ikigai and chef Yannick’s beliefs for the concept of finding purpose and fulfilment in life.

Named in honour of Chef Yannick’s late son, Antoine Alléno, the bar and its Ikigai menu celebrate his thirst for life.

The Resident:

I went to Bar Antoine for some post-work drinks and nibbles on a Friday evening, and the thirst for life was so prevalent as it was absolutely buzzing.

The bar was full of people drinking, eating, and even some dancing, as it was obvious the weekend had just arrived.

My boyfriend and I fancied a couple of drinks and some good food, and that’s exactly what we got.

The waiters were helpful with recommendations, and we absolutely loved trying an array of cocktails from the detailed menu which is split into cocktails of love, passion, purpose and mission.

We were slightly tipsy when we left…

Luckily the food was delicious enough to soak up some of the alcohol, and we really went all-out with trying a bit of everything when we ordered.

A really special touch was that a waitress was going round the restaurant with small nibbles of things on the menu to try, so when we came to ordering we knew that we definitely wanted a couple of the dishes.

As sushi and Japanese lovers, we focussed our order on this side of the menu, with a nigiri platter, a sashimi platter, some cucumber maki, yellowtail maki, and tuna tartare maki.

The Resident:

The fish was so fresh, it melted in the mouth, and to be honest I could have carried on eating it all night.

For main course my boyfriend had some sweet and sour prawns, I had pasta which they kindly made with tomato sauce for me, karaage chicken and a shiso leaf tempura.

The Resident:

I wish I could describe how good the food was, but you could just tell it was cooked to perfection with flavours and ingredients that had been really thought through.

We definitely didn’t need dessert but when profiteroles are on the menu, it’s hard to resist.

We were slightly disappointed to find out there weren’t any left, but the lovely waiters instead brought us a chocolate tart.

This was heaven on a plate, and when you’re a little bit drunk, there’s not much better than a warm chocolate tart with warm chocolate sauce.

The Resident:

My mouth is watering thinking about it now, and I can’t wait to go back for another boozy night with good food.