It’s not often you find yourself wandering along Sloane Street, but I did, and it was in the form of staring into all the fancy designer stores just dreaming of being able to walk in there and actually buy something one day.

That is definitely a dream, and an unrealistic fantasy, but there’s something about London’s prestige and beautiful buildings that makes you feel like you’re in a movie or TV show.

Cantinetta Antinori has that same feel, and is located on Harriet Street just round the corner from the shops of some of the biggest names.

It’s upmarket, but not intimidating, and has a lovely, warm feel to its restaurant which is set across two floors with different rooms for dining and a main feature bar on the ground floor.

The Resident:

It was a Wednesday night when I met my best friend after work for a catch up, and the restaurant was still busy which is always nice to see on a weekday.

The waiters were divinely lovely, and were so helpful with offering us recommendations and assistance with the menu.

With other restaurants in Florence, Vienna, Zurich and Monaco, the Harriet Street location brings the finest Tuscan hospitality to London, with dishes and wines.

We asked for a rose wine to drink and it was one of the nicest I’ve had, and I definitely drank it far too quickly because it went straight to my head.

I wasn’t complaining, though, and it added to the relaxation of the evening.

For starter my friend had the burrata and ham and I had the yellowtail and truffle which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Resident:

The fish came in thin slices with pieces of truffle in a lemon and soy sauce and it was literally incredible. The flavours worked so well together and I couldn’t get enough of it.

My friend had the highly recommended lobster linguine for main course, and she said it was amazing – especially in a dish she would only really order as a special treat.

I had the visanto marinated black cod and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since. It was so sweet, soft and succulent that I could do nothing but eat that forever. It came with some spinach and I ordered the new potatoes to have on the side.

The Resident:

We pretty much sat in silence just appreciating how scrumptious the food was, and occasionally murmured the odd ‘mmm’ or ‘wow’.

We were full but dessert was not something to be resisted and my friend ordered the infamous pistachio tiramisu while I had the warm chocolate tart with wine reduction.

The tiramisu was basically assembled at the table, with biscuits, coffee and the pistachio cream added.

The Resident:

It made a show, and it tasted even better than it looked.

We left with full stomachs, hearts, smiles and a realisation that posh food is incredible.