Zapote is a buzzing, vibrant Mexican restaurant in the heart of Shoreditch and I headed there for an evening of incredible food, unique cocktails and fun vibes.

With colourful walls and intimate lighting, it’s a fun spot for a date night or a catch up with friends.

It is a contemporary restaurant which serves a variety of tasty, authentic plates that come out when they are ready so you can munch as you chat and soak up the atmosphere.

The staff were so friendly and helpful, taking the time to explain the menu to us and answering any questions we had.

For two people, they recommended going for around five plates between us, but we were left with a menu in case we wanted to order more.

The first plate that came out was the pink bream and prickly pear aguachile which came with fennel and cucumber.

It was really fresh and acidic but also sweet with lots of different textures from the softness of the fish and the crunchiness of the fennel and pear keeping is interesting.

It was also extremely colourful and visually appealing – a stunning start to the meal.

Next, the grilled octopus came out, which came with pasilla chilli, pipian verde.

The Resident: Zapote ShoreditchZapote Shoreditch (Image: Emma Fradgley)

The octopus had an amazing, dry chilli flavour and was cooked to perfection – it was tender without being chewy – and the creamy sauce it came with complemented the flavour really well.

Then, we were brought my personal favourite plate of the evening, the coal roasted secreto al pastor skewers which came with guacamole and pork skin.

The saltiness from the pork skin and creaminess of the guacamole went together well and the pork was well spiced and tender.

The Resident: Zapote ShoreditchZapote Shoreditch (Image: Emma Fradgley)

Next up was the suckling pig which came with red cabbage, a creamy sauce and four tortillas.

The pork was incredible, it just melted in my mouth as I ate. The cabbage added an acidic crunch that balanced out the fattiness of the pork.

Finally, we were very excited to try the roasted guineafowl which came with hoja santa and peanut moles sauce.

The Resident: Zapote ShoreditchZapote Shoreditch (Image: Emma Fradgley)

I had never had guineafowl before but it was delicious – tender, moist and full of flavour.

The mole sauce was to die for, it was rich, dark and nutty but still smooth and it didn’t feel heavy or over powering at all.

While we were very full after all of this amazing food, we were still eager to try a couple of desserts from the menu.

I chose the meringue which came with passion fruit, mango and lime zest and I adored it – the dessert was so fresh and light it was just what I was craving.

The Resident: Zapote ShoreditchZapote Shoreditch (Image: Emma Fradgley)

Something I really loved was that there were tiny pieces of diced mango inside the meringue as well as the passion fruit cream making it all the more refreshing.

My boyfriend went for the more innovative option which was the black sesame doughnut with Seville orange marmalade which he loved and absolutely demolished.

Alongside our meal, we enjoyed a couple of Zaopte’s fabulous cocktails.

The Resident: Zapote ShoreditchZapote Shoreditch (Image: Emma Fradgley)

I chose the De Montoro which was made up of mezcal, cava, grapefruit jarritos and elderflower.

It was refreshing and fruity with a warmth from the mezcal and was very moreish.

My boyfriend went for the El Corazon which was made up of jalapeno infused tequila, whiskey, triple sec, yellow bell pepper and pineapple juice.

It was really tasty and interesting because the jalapeno and the bell pepper added a savoury quality to the sweetness of the pineapple flavour.