Whether you’re looking to freshen up your home or building it from the ground up, bespoke glazing experts Kloeber takes you through the most popular types of patio doors… 

Photo: Kloeber

If you’re undertaking home renovations, or perhaps even planning an exciting self-build project, one of the key considerations you will face is your glazing. Your doors and windows are an integral part of the home, determining the natural light and the overall ambience.

Large patio doors aren’t a new trend, but there are more options these days than there have been in previous years.

If you’ve decided to open up a wall of your home with patio doors then there are three main designs to consider; bifold, sliding and French doors. All are equally brilliant in their own right, but each provides something a little different.   

Bifold Doors  Bifold doors have soared in popularity over recent years, and this doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Their ability to open up to 90 per cent of the aperture makes them a great choice for those who want to connect their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Open up your kitchen into your garden and create an enviable social space to enjoy during the summer months. The high ratio of glass to frame is perfect for letting the natural light flood in, and this type of door works well in all styles of property from traditional to contemporary.  

With Kloeber’s bespoke bifold doors, configurations are flexible, therefore, you can also opt for an outward opening if you’re short on internal space.

In terms of material choice, there are two options you can choose from, timber and aluminium.

If you’re looking for the most eco-friendly option, you might be interested to know that all Kloeber timber is FSC-certified, and it’s a great material for adding warmth to the home.

If it’s contemporary and sleek you’re after, then aluminium might be more suited to your property, and with its recyclable properties, it’s another eco-friendly option. 

Sliding Doors  In the past, sliding doors weren’t always seen as the most on-trend option, but that’s all changed, with sliding doors seeing a huge resurgence in popularity thanks to new slimline designs.

If maximum natural light is your renovation, self-build or home improvement objective, then sliding doors are the patio door of choice for you.

Kloeber’s ÜberSlide slimline sliding door features minimal 20mm sightlines for that ‘barely-there’ look, truly blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. Enjoy panoramic views and a highly secure and energy-efficient sliding door.  

The clean, minimalist appearance of slimline sliding doors is great for modern homes, but can also work in period properties too, or there’s the option for a slightly bigger frame with the Kloeber KustomSlide.

If you want a patio door that opens up a wall of your home, this design might not be for you, in which case a bifold door may be more suitable, but if it’s maximum light you want to achieve, this is the winner.  

French Doors  Last, but certainly not least, is a true classic, the French door. This design never goes out of style and is an extremely versatile choice that looks fantastic in all settings.

Whether it’s a traditional cottage or a new-build home, French doorsare sure to add a chic touch to your property. The high ratio of glass allows the light to come streaming through, but with the ability to retain a little more privacy in comparison to that of a bifold or sliding door. If you want to fully open up a wall of your home, this may not be the door for you.  

French doors also offer the choice of all three materials; timber, aluminium, and alu-clad, and, if you want to add a contemporary twist, opt to add Georgian glazing bars to your French doors for a more industrial look. You’ll also have the choice of any RAL colour thanks to Kloeber’s bespoke options. Will it be a countryside cream, sage-green, or classic anthracite grey?

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