Westbrooke Associates explain how Banking as a Service can help your business to prosper...

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As consumers are increasingly becoming digitally savvy, demand for diverse credit services, enhanced data security and real-time, personalised banking is now driven by demand.

Implementing the customer focus transformation, businesses from all sectors are managing changing customer expectations in the form of Banking as a Service (BaaS).

The BaaS offering means that businesses can provide all types of financial services including debit/credit cards, payment services, multi-currency transactions, insurance and loans, alongside end-user benefits. All without the need to become a bank.

The brokerage responsible for driving investment into BaaS, Westbrooke Associates is quick to identify up-and-coming investment opportunities in the least changeable economic cycle sectors.

Helping investors to build a diverse portfolio, Westbrooke Associates offers access to cutting-edge, breakthrough technologies, bringing UK taxpayers significant tax reliefs while supporting the growth of early-stage and emerging businesses.

The Resident: Westbrooke Associate provide sound investment opportunities in corporate equity.Westbrooke Associate provide sound investment opportunities in corporate equity. (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Westbrooke Associates: Global Forecast

Embedding their product into a white-label third-party BaaS platform using financial applications safeguarded by licenced banks and protected with end-to-end security, all types of businesses can deliver branded and licensed banking services with minimal resources and risk.

In particular, traditional banks, retailers and e-commerce are integrating BaaS products to create a seamless digital banking experience for their customers.

In the UK alone, experts predict the BaaS-generated revenue potential among small and medium-sized businesses will grow at a 25 per cent compound annual growth rate, reaching £1.9 billion by 2024. Moreover, the global forecast predicts the BaaS market will be worth $3.6 trillion by 2030.

The Resident: Westbrook Associates focuses areas including sustainability and the environmentWestbrook Associates focuses areas including sustainability and the environment (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Compliance and Regulation

As scalable as growing businesses themselves, this BaaS product provides complete account functionality with the full scope of banking services and access to major payment schemes on mobile, web and e-wallets.

Maintaining full management of compliance and regulation, BaaS provides valuable and actionable insights into customers' spending and payments, which allows a business to personalise their service and offer value-added extras.

Helping banks create new streams of revenue, BaaS is mutually beneficial for both banks and businesses and incorporates a depth of technical knowledge, expert guidance and implementation.

The Resident: There are many benefits to investing with Westbrooke AssociatesThere are many benefits to investing with Westbrooke Associates (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Westbrooke Associates Investor Highlights

Built-in partnerships with first-class practitioners and a ready-to-launch turnkey banking platform using superior back-end technology, some other investor highlights include:

· First full year of trading post capital raise valuation of £18m

· Secured leading technology company partnership with a global banking network

· Android, iOS and web deployment apps are ready for development and launch

· Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license

· Onboarding letters of intent from 18 committed companies (representing 1m+ customers)

Driving Digital Transformation

As businesses seek to retain their customers, BaaS is driving the digital transformation, facilitating the type of embedded finance that’s no longer just a customer demand, but rather an expectation.

Within two years, more than half of non-banking businesses plan to offer embedded finance. Equally, it’s predicted that within five years, the UK will generate 40 percent of Europe’s embedded financial services market.

Offering qualifying investors the chance to invest in a dynamic, progressive and disruptive market, within a company that’s enabling new sources of growth, investors can reap financial rewards from an opportunity with less market volatility.

Furthermore, as a UK government-approved EIS opportunity with upfront and ongoing income tax relief, loss relief and capital gains and inheritance tax exemptions, you can align your allowance with your own investment strategy.

To learn more, visit westbrookeassociates.com or call Westbrooke Associates on 0203 745 0294.