Do you feel overwhelmed by all the planning and designing your own home takes?

Photos: Julian Abrams, Interiors with Art

There’s an endless list of jobs to do and teams to organise, from interior designers, plumbers, builders, electricians and more. The biggest question you may ask yourself is: where do I start?

Sanjay Sharma, managing director of London-based interior design and construction firm Interiors with Art, shares how hiring an all-in-one company can simplify the process, ease your stress and help you build your dream home faster.

Project management will keep your home renovation organised and in budget
“A common difficulty many people encounter, whether they’re reconstructing their current home or designing a new one, is the number of different companies required to reach the end result,” Sanjay explains.

Using an all-in-one interior design service makes your home renovation simple to manage.

“With various people and teams involved in the early stages of building and construction, it’s not unusual for something to go wrong. This can, unfortunately, lead to complications that prove to be expensive and difficult to resolve.”

Interiors with Art are an in-house company that maintain long-standing bonds with different trades and industry suppliers who are on-hand for renovation projects. “We have an established team of 85 specialist tradesmen, and our service includes a project manager who oversees the work,” he says.

This allows for communication between all teams, ensuring the process runs smoothly from start to finish. It will ensure every aspect of your home renovation is completed to a high and consistent quality.

Creating multifunctional and adaptable spaces helps ensure your home’s design is long-lasting and meets your requirements.

You can also be assured that any issues that may occur will be resolved quickly and efficiently, saving delays and getting you into your new home as soon as possible.

You can design a sustainable home fit for the future
Sanjay explains how a successful renovation of a home is one that is designed for the future, not just the present. To achieve this, the function and uses of your home need to be integrated into its construction and design.

“Interiors with Art focus on creating forward-thinking, futuristic designs that won’t require demolishing infrastructure as the needs and dynamic of our clients’ homes change,” he says.

He advises focusing on adaptability and considering creating multipurpose rooms. For example, what may now be a nursery can be designed to transform into a home office, spare bedroom or playroom as your child grows.

By considering the intricate details of your routine, Interiors with Art can help you design a home that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Gain expert interior design advice and create a home unique to you
A good interior designer will understand your needs, lifestyle and routine to create a home design that works for you, as well as offering creative suggestions to help your décor stand out.

They can help you focus your vision and translate your ideas into plans that your builders can follow to create a home you love that’s comfortable and safe.

“Not many interior design companies will admit this, but spending too much time looking at social media and other sources of inspiration can confuse your design, and make it hard to bring your ideas together into one harmonious look,” Sanjay says.

“Too many different styles could lead to a home design that doesn’t flow or mesh together well. This is why it’s important to be realistic as well as creative.”

Interiors with Art will focus your vision, translating it into a design that your builders can follow.

Interiors with Art’s experienced designers will gently guide you with suggestions, images and keywords. This helps you understand what you love and dislike to create a space thatreflects your personality and enriches your lifestyle.

For example, if you’re a tidy person, you may wish to consider displaying your clothes in a wardrobe without doors for ease, accessibility and organisation. If, however, you’re not as neat, perhaps a wardrobe with closed doors that will hide your items will help ensure your home looks presentable.

It’s these intricate aspects of how you live that will determine what design will work best for you and, Interiors with Art, tailor their services to help you uncover exactly what that is.

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