Whether you’re seeking to revamp your business space or freshen up your family home, incorporating your personality and values into the interior design is crucial.

Photos: The Royal Oak, Cinder

Using the specialist services of a professional interior designer can completely transform the décor and atmosphere of your property. For commercial enterprises in particular, matching your interior with the brand’s ethos can have a tangible impact, not just on profit margins, but customer satisfaction too.

The Resident chats to Adam Knight, director of Nefarious Design Ltd based in London, about the importance of branding and personality in the process of interior decorating.

Q: How important is the link between branding and commercial interior design?

A: It’s a vital part of the process, not just for commercial clients but for residential properties as well. In a business context, your brand is your signature and ethos as a company, and if that doesn’t follow through into your interior then you may end up with a disjointed product and environment.

The Royal Oak, Ramsden.

For example, a restaurant that focuses on bringing families together wouldn’t necessarily suit a minimalist interior with a lack of sharing tables. Making sure the interior design matches your brand’s demographic has a huge impact on the comfort that customers feel – if people feel at ease in a space, they’ll spend more time and money there!

The Royal Oak, Ramsden.

Q: How can residential clients ensure that their personality is reflected in their home interior?

A: We encourage our residential clients to integrate their lifestyles, personalities and identities into their home interior. At the start of each project, we send out a questionnaire that pinpoints specific requirements and helps us to formulate a personal brand for them, whether it’s a minimalist, futuristic kitchen design or a traditional and eclectic bathroom.

One of our residential clients wanted a kitchen that would become the heart of their home. Working with the client’s brief, we created a space that was bold in colour, with reclaimed timber flooring and a feature kitchen island. The finer details such as brass ironmongery and a hanging pan rack double up as both a design feature and a practical element. The client’s tastes and sensibilities are reflected thoroughly.

There’s so much that an interior designer can do to make your home feel personal, as well as being a space that you love to live in.

Q: Do you have a particular design process that you follow for each customer?

A: We don’t have a specific in-house style per say – we create interiors that best represent each of our clients. Branding is such a crucial component of that process, especially for businesses that are customer-focused. It’s important for our clients to spend as much time as possible thinking about their values, unique selling points and brand or personal identity.

Cinder, Belsize Park

To establish a theme within a property, we create feasibility layout options, personalised technical drawings and offer the client the option of handpicked furnishings or bespoke joinery. Once a client communicates what their company provides or who they are as an individual, we can translate that into an interior that captures it perfectly.

Q: What impact can professional interior design have for a property?

A: From a residential viewpoint, the décor is an essential part of feeling at home. If you don’t like the look of where you live, you won’t be happy spending time there. The same is true for commercial enterprises, especially in hospitality. Making your customers feel comfortable is a cornerstone of a successful business, and interior designers can make that become a reality.

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