Do you love gardening but you have no idea how to add some colour variation to your garden? Would you like a beautiful but easy-to-grow flower? Then the tulip is the flower you have been looking for…

Lead image: Giu Vicente from Unsplash

The tulip was originally to be found in the north of Africa and the south of Europe, but nowadays tulips can be found almost everywhere. They are not, as widely believed, originally from the Netherlands, although tulip bulbs are one of the Netherlands’ biggest exports and, every year, tourists flock to the Keukenhof Flower Gardens to admire the array of tulips on display.

But the tulip, one of the most colourful flowers out there, is a flower that will look great in any garden. A lot of people like to grow Dutch tulip bulbs in their garden, since they are available in almost every colour you can imagine.

Every colour imaginable
Visit any garden centre in your neighbourhood and you’ll find a wide variety of tulip bulbs for sale – pink, white, black, blue, orange, purple… Almost all colours are available and you will certainly find a colour that nicely complements your garden.

Furthermore, one single tulip can contain multiple colours. You have tulips that have two or more colours on their petals and often tulips can change colours during their growth.

If you are really a fan of colours, it may also be worth looking into the meaning behind the colours. For example, a red tulip symbolises love, friendship and loyalty, while a yellow tulip symbolises happiness.

Moreover, a tulip also comes in multiple shapes and sizes. Needless to say, there is enough choice when it comes to tulips.

Tulips are available in a wide variety of colours and shapes (photo: Ed Van-Duijn from Unsplash)

Easy to grow
Gardening is for everyone. Whether you are just about to grow your very first garden or whether you have been doing it for years and years.

Compared to other flowers a tulip is a really easy flower to start growing and can be grown by anyone. It doesn’t need much to grow and it doesn’t need much of your attention.

Of course, as with any plant or flower, a tulip won’t survive without sunlight to thrive and doesn’t do well in extreme weather. But then, which flower would prosper in such conditions?

In addition, a tulip blooms in the spring just like a lot of other flowers. Spring is not only tulip season, it’s also the the perfect time to start gardening, both in terms of the weather for the flower to grow and the ideal temperature for you to work in.

To start creating a colourful garden with tulips, why not buy Dutch Grown tulips online here?

Tulips are one of the easiest flowers to grow in your garden (photo: Devin Justesen from Unsplash)