Cleaning our homes is rarely the top of our priority lists, but at a time when washing your hands and Dettoling your door handles have never been more talked about, it’s time to dial up your spring clean. And who better to turn to for tips than Instagram’s top ‘cleanfluencers’?

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At a time when it feels like everything is out of your hands, one thing you can control is the space you live in. Use this unprecedented lockdown period as an opportunity to introduce some new good habits into your routine that will help you make the most of your lovely home.

Not only will cleaning help kill bacteria and stop viruses spreading, a freshly cleaned and organised space can also work wonders for your sense of wellbeing.

Plus, as an experienced home worker, I cannot stress enough how mentally beneficial having a clean space is for your productivity levels – another good reason to get into a cleaning routine.

So, if you’re keen to clean but in need of some motivation, then look no further because we have found the perfect source of inspiration with our pick of Instagram’s most popular cleaninfluencers…

1 Sophie Hinchliffe: @mrshinchhome
Arguably the most well-known clean influencer of them all, Mrs Hinch has created a whole army of followers who love to get everything in order. The Essex-based hairdresser is definitely a cleaning inspiration with her prestigious, white home that practically glistens in every photo. Find Mrs Hinch’s Hinchlists for a spotlessly clean home here and Freshen Up Friday tips here.

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2 Lynsey Crombie: @lynsey_queenofclean
Self-titled ‘Queen of Clean’ Lynsey has definitely earned her spot as cleaning royalty. She is an expert worthy of following and you might have even seen her before on primetime TV giving out those pro cleaning tips. You can also find some more of Lynsey’s cleaning wisdom in The Easy Life, a book which breaks down all the quick ways you can clean and manage your home all year round. Check out the video below for the Queen of Clean’s spring cleaning must-haves, including Dettol’s All in One Disinfectant Spray!

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3 Gemma Bray: @the_organised_mum
Gemma, who lives in Sevenoaks, Kent, has made a name for herself over the years as a pro-organiser but the real joy she brings to her audience is her emphasis on encouraging everyone to have a good balance in life. She created The Organised Mum Method, which promises to help you rattle through the housework in 30 minutes every day to make sure that we all have more time for what’s important in life – our loved ones. This could be exactly the type of inspiration you’re after especially if you’re a parent with your hands full. Gemma has also shared a school closure/self-isolation plan – find it on her Instagram feed here. ⁠⠀

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4 Becky Rapinchuk: @cleanmama
Becky Rapinchuk’s Insta page, Clean Mama is all about finding that healthy balance between absolute messy chaos and a shiny, spotless show home. Becky promises to simplify the tasks of everyday life and loves to use her platform to showcase all her tips and tricks that are sure to make a pro cleaner out of you, from daily and monthly tasks and schedules to homemade cleaning products. Becky has also written a detailed blog post featuring all her cleaning tips for Coronavirus and Covid19.

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5 Melissa Maker: @cleanmyspace
Melissa Maker, is a clean influencer based in Toronto who dubs herself ‘a cleaning expert who hates to clean’. Now that sounds like a very odd combo, but for all of us out there who also are not the biggest fan of cleaning it means the world to watch one of us overcome that motivational hurdle. You can also check out Melissa’s YouTube channel to watch along as she cleans room by room of her gorgeous home and perhaps, you’ll even start cleaning along with her. You’ll also find a playlist about keeping your home clean and safe during cold and flu season right here and a handy post on making your own hand sanitiser here

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