Crowdfunding platform Phundee is dedicated to helping start-ups in the entertainment industries raise funds through social media. This summer, the Shoreditch-based company is on the look out for 25 new entertainment projects to support as part of a group venture

The Resident:

Phundee is on a mission to make crowdfunding accessible – but the platform is also making a commitment to creative artists in its local community this summer with the launch of its ‘Crowdfund East London’ competition.

Phundee is collaborating with Rich Mix, an independent art venue also based in Shoreditch, to find 25 of the best creative projects in music, art, film and theatre. They’re asking for contestants to present their ideas in front of a panel on 1 August, or pitch their concept with a 15 second video on Instagram.

If successful, contestants will receive a six week training course on how to produce a successful crowd funding campaign, plus media exposure from Phundee at the launch and end of their campaigns.

As far as competitions go, this one is both rewarding and inspirational. So, aside from promotion, what’s in it for the start-ups?

The Phundee process starts with the artists explaining what they need in terms of support. Whether it’s around dance, literature, theatre or fashion, information about their project is put into a video or article to be posted on social media for family, friends and the public to share. The artist will endorse their idea to as many people as possible, and if someone out there believes in the idea, they will help by donating an amount they feel is appropriate.

‘The reason why Phundee is so unique is it allows you to raise your money, but it also allows you to get proof of concept,’ Jack Gaskin, CMO of Phundee told us. ‘It gives you free marketing. It starts building up an audience and fan base. When your product is made you have customers already.’

This social media process will continue until the target budget is reached. A range of gifts are available to donors, and the larger the donation the larger the gift. These include a download of the song to producer credits at the end of the film. This creates a personal connection between the donor and the project, another important principle for Phundee founder Ashon Spooner.

‘How many talented film makers have I met that are producing great material, but will never see the light of day?’ Spooner told us. ‘It should be more democratic and that’s what crowd funding does.’

Before Spooner decided to contribute to helping others achieve their creative dreams, he was part of the entertainment industry himself. His job history includes dancing for Disney’s crew ships, working on the X Factor tour production and producing short films for independent companies. The change in career came from his appreciation of the arts, and a desire to find quality creative projects.

‘There are limitations for a lot of people on the independent side coming up and how they sort of look at their long term careers because lots of people don’t have connections,’ he said.

‘We’re making crowdfunding as simple and creative as possible. If this can be the go to crowd funder for arts to raise money for their projects then I think we will be pretty happy with that.’

The Phundee team hopes Crowd Fund East London will become a repeat event. Depending on the amount of ideas the Phundee team finds marketable, the number of projects accepted might exceed 25 next time.

‘It’s nice that Rich Mix inspires people. We can help raise the money and hopefully one day these projects will be shown at Rich Mix. It’s an ecosystem,’ Gaskin added.

With a close knit East London community and this kind of support network, we predict big things for anyone who’s lucky enough to be a part of it.

Creative projects can be presented at Rich Mix on 1 August at the Crowd Fund East London event. If you would like to participate and pitch, send in a 15 second video on Instagram using #phundee and @havephun or email Phundee pitch to For further information about Phundee and Crowd Fund East London competition, visit their website at