Tiny front doors to fairy homes are appearing in playrooms around the UK. We caught up with their Wimbledon-based designer and proud mum Sarah Tollit, to discover a creation that makes children’s imaginations run wild

The Resident:

Have you always been creative?

Before having my children I never considered myself to be that creative – I can’t draw for toffee! But since having my daughter five years ago I have realised that I am big on imagination. Now, encouraging imaginative play and creativity is at the very heart of The Magic Door Store. Coming up with new ideas and accessories is one of my favourite parts of owning my own business, especially as I am lucky enough to do it with my children.

How did The Magic Door Store come about?

Following the arrival of my children, Rosie in 2010 and Oscar in 2011, returning to my career as an Event Manager wasn’t a very attractive option for me or my young family. However, I have always wanted to run my own business, and so tried to make sure I kept in touch with the latest trends etc. As Rosie grew, like many little girls, so did her fascination with everything to do with fairies – she absolutely loves them! I came across the concept of fairy doors, but couldn’t find a London style, stylish door that I would be proud to have in my home. I also noticed that there was also a huge demand for Elf Doors which wasn’t being met, so I created doors that were packaged beautifully and could be gifted to others.

How challenging was it to set up your own business?

Extremely challenging! I launched The Magic Door Store in November 2013, in the midst of the Christmas shopping rush, with two small children at home to look after. I was extremely fortunate in that orders started flowing almost immediately, and with the support of friends and family I had to set up a packing station in the hallway at home to fulfil orders whilst looking after the children! It has been a steep learning curve, but I have loved every minute.

Talk us through your range of products

The Magic Door Store offers My Fairy Door and My Elf Door in 6 colours. Our doors are a miniature London style front door which can be attached to the wall just above your skirting board or on a shelf to allow the fairies and elves to visit your home. We offer a range of accessories for your to decorate your Magic Door seasonally and tiny clues for the fairies and elves to leave behind for your little ones to discover.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by the most wonderful architecture, so rich in history and beauty, which has inspired the Magic Door style. I am very lucky that my two children are always full of ideas for the next accessories that their fairies and elves need and that we should add to the store! I wanted to create a brand that gave clues to who might live behind the Magic Door, but left a lot to the child’s imagination.

Can you describe your workspace?

The magic all happens from my very glittery workshop in our home in Wimbledon. The space is flexible, which is essential for me as a working mum. We are a growing family business so emails are still sent from the kitchen table and orders dispatched from the local post office.

What’s a typical work day like for you?

Wonderfully busy – dispatching orders, meeting new retailers, talking to our printers and sourcing new products to add to our range. And before I know it, it is time to do the school run.

Can you share an interesting or unusual fact about the Magic Doors?

Our Magic Doors cannot be opened by humans, only the fairies and elves have the key!

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