Bedford Park resident Anthony D’Angour is on a mission to combine his love of politics with art. The self-taught painter specialises in portraiture but his paintings increasingly echo current affairs and the world around us. Anthony has already painted two striking portraits of freedom fighters Ai Wei Wei and Mikhail Khodorkowsky and his new abstract works pay homage to worldwide political stories like the recent slaying of French journalists at Charlie Hebdo. Anthony aims to raise funds for Amnesty International through the sale of his paintings.

Anthony began his professional life as an accountant but has always had a keen interest in art, specialising in family portraiture at the beginning of his career. ‘I’m self taught,’ he admits, ‘and in some ways not going to art college has helped me find my own signature style.

‘For years I painted portraits and landscapes but lately I have started doing abscracts in oils on canvas and have loved the freedom this method brings. Red and black feature heavily in my works, perhaps reflecting my political inspiration.’

‘I like to think I am using a paint brush instead of a pen and the paintings speak for themselves.’

Anthony’s paintings are available for sale; you can also commission him for individual portraits. For more details see