Property experts from Infinitum Living outline key considerations and issues when it comes to buying waterfront property…

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When you are thinking of buying a home, the first choice you will often make is where you want to buy.

Most people dream of a seafront home. After all, who would not love waking up to the sounds of water, a fresh sea breeze, sandy beaches, and the scenic view of calming waters?

Thankfully, there are many seafront property developments along coastlines across the world you can invest in, with homes in Costa Daurada in Spain among your leading alternatives.

While you have many options to choose from when it comes to buying a seafront home, this does not mean all options will suit your needs.

It’s important you know what you need and your budget before you start looking for seafront properties.

You should also consider all the relating factors and issues, and use this to guide as you make your purchase so you avoid buyer’s remorse.

To ensure you make the right choices, read on for our guidelines on what to consider when buying a seafront house.

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Foundation and construction material

Ensuring your seafront house is as weatherproof as possible is one of your top priorities as coastal properties are often exposed to the elements and harsh weather, including hurricanes and strong winds.

If your area is predisposed to flooding or a storm surge, it might be best to settle for a home built on stilts to raise it above the ground.

The ideal materials for seafront homes are resistant to damage from winds, high temperatures, and moisture.

The best construction materials for homes in coastal areas, according to FEMA, are naturally durable wood and concrete.

The potential rental income

With most people aiming to maximize their income streams, a seafront property sounds can offer good returns on investment.

Check the potential rental income in your home’s location and what property types attract the best renters before buying.

In most cases, beachfront homes with multiple bedrooms attract more renters and more cash with the current popularity of AirBnBs and holiday rentals.

Homes located in Homeowners Association (HOA) communities often have strict rules on renting, so check this out before investing in a rental seafront home.

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Durability of windows

When it comes to seafront properties, the two words that should stick in your mind are ‘impact windows.’

Invest in property with durable impact windows so that you are protected from wind-borne debris and wind damage during storms, hurricanes and strong winds.

Since most French and sliding patio doors in seafront homes are nowadays made of glass, choose impact glass for the doors as well.

If your property does not have high-impact glass for the windows or doors, consider installing them as soon as you move in.

This protects your home, lowers insurance costs, improves your property’s energy efficiency, and reduces noise levels.

HOA or property management fees

If you are buying a seafront house as a holiday or second home, you might have to get a property management company that will care for the property while you are away.

These companies will coordinate your property’s landscaping, pest control, lease agreements, and maintenance needs. If your property is in an HOA community, the HOA will handle these needs.

Fees vary between organisations and could be expensive, so it’s best to work these out in advance and factor them into your budget.

Proximity to water

The distance between your home and the water is the biggest consideration of them all.

Living close to the sea boosts your property’s resale value and is convenient when you wish to spend most of your time on the beach.

However, waterfront properties incur higher home insurance rates and flood risk. In Florida, for instance, it is common to pay more than $10,000 in flood insurance for a waterfront house.

However, the flood risk can be minimised if your property is constructed with top-notch materials, as Infinitum Living apartments in Catalonia are.

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Outdoor living area

Most likely, one of your chief reasons for buying a seafront home is to enjoy the outdoors. As such, you should be sure that your home has access to the outdoors through a porch or patio. You can also check for water views, preferably in a location that is not crowded.

Some homes come with outdoor recreational spaces and pools. Though expensive, these can be worth the cost if enjoying the outdoors is your priority.

Final thoughts on Buying seafront property

Market timing is crucial when buying property. Whether you are paying cash or applying for a mortgage, it is best to purchase property when leverage is high.

This is often when economies are just recovering and property prices are low, which is the current situation as people recover from the financial tumult of the pandemic’s lockdown.

If you have finally found the best seafront property for your dreams, do not wait anymore to make an offer. The prices might skyrocket soon and leave you unable to afford the property.