Those memorable days aren’t always quite as memorable as you’d like, especially if the drinks have been flowing… The office Christmas party is a prime example of this (‘tis the season, after all!), and often you’re left to piece it all together through a few blurry phone pics.

But no more! Photo booths are on the up at events from office parties to birthdays, weddings, proms and even corporate events. But why? Well, for a start, they’re fun. The words ‘corporate event’, for example, might not fill guests with joy, but hand them a funny hat and the chance to take some silly photos and suddenly it’s all smiles!

At all-day events like weddings, they provide guests with something fun to do while the bride and groom disappear for the wedding photos. They also keep guests from drinking the bar dry too early!

Photo booths are a great way of making your guests feel like VIPs

Photo booths are also a great way of making your guests feel like VIPs. If they’ve gone to all that effort of getting dressed up, they’re going to want to have their picture taken, and the flattering light of a professional photo booth will make them look a hundred times better than any selfie can. People also relax more when they’re in charge of taking their own picture, whereas the appearance of a photographer often makes people awkward and wooden.

Take Greenwich-based Ida Pod Photo Booths, for example, which operates through London, Surrey, Essex and surrounding areas, including all the Home Counties. Ida Pod’s sleek, fun photo booths are an innovative way to capture fun moments, with fully customisable Photo and HD Video Pods that will provide you and your guests with plenty of great memories from the day. It’s a must-have, high-end form of entertainment that can also work at home, or in a marquee, if you’re hosting a private event.

The pod has an easy-to-use touchscreen camera unit where guests can capture photos and 45-second video messages, with options to change the screen capture from colour to black-and-white, or the flattering new Sepia.

Fun hats, feather boas and other props help everyone get into character, and professional lighting illuminates subjects in just the right way. While the pod seats 4-5 people comfortably, the ‘Peas in a Pod’ approach – where you squeeze in as many guests as you can – works just as well, if not better!

Take the ‘Peas in a Pod’ approach and squeeze in as many guests as you can!

Images are captured in digital high-resolution jpeg images, given to you on a USB stick, and in print, plus you can also choose the additional option of a guest book, where people can enter a copy of their photo memory and a message, for those super special occasions.

On the day of the event, the team will set up the Ida Pod so it’s ready to print in almost any space within an hour, and attendants will stay with the pod throughout the hire period to help guests get the best out of the experience.

So while selfies are great, a photo booth is simply in another league…