The Virtual Pub: Beavertown’s 4pm Cheers & a Stay-at-Home Pub Quiz!

Today – Friday 20 March – at 4pm, Beavertown is inviting people to get involved in a virtual ‘Beavertown Cheers’ at

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It’s been a crazy week – working from home, social distancing and, for some, self-isolating – so grab a beer, log in and raise a glass with your fellow beer lovers.

Around 4pm on a Friday, thoughts usually turn to the pub, but with many of us WFH – not to mention the government’s request for us to stay away from crowded areas – decamping from the office to the pub ain’t gonna happen.

But rather than cracking open a beer on your own to celebrate the end of the working week, Beavertown invites you to re-create what usually happens at 4pm with a big bunch of new virtual friends.

The Virtual Pub: Beavertown launches 4pm virtual cheers

It doesn’t have to be Beavertown – all beers are allowed!

The Beavertown Cheers is open to everyone over the legal drinking age. To join, log on just before 4pm, with your favourite drink in hand at, using the password CHEERS.

Spread the word on socials using the hashtag #BeavertownCheers

Plus, if you really want to ramp up that pub feeling, here’s a little Friday night pub quiz!

Trigger warning: It has a bit of a dark twist!