If you’re worried that Shoreditch has reached ‘peak hipster’, you’d be right, but you don’t have to stray far to find London’s hippest new place to hang… 

Holiday price comparison site TravelSupermarket just released a Hip Hang-out Neighbourhood Index, and four London districts made it into the UK top 20. Peckham, Dalston, Clapton and Deptford & New Cross – which have been perhaps unjustly lumped together – have been named the fifth, eighth, 12th and 18th hippest hoods in the UK.

The index is meant for anyone with an urge to explore areas that are creative, original and entirely unique. Emma Coulthurst from TravelSupermarket says the aim of the Index is to inspire city breakers with ideas for new places to discover: ‘The Index will hopefully encourage new and return visitors to explore the capital’s hippest hang-outs.’

‘We scoured the UK to find the most current, independent-feeling neighbourhoods,’ she continues. ‘The destinations on the list are exciting areas, unspoiled by commercialism, where locals love to hang out. These areas offer an eclectic range of food and entertainment away from the tourist throngs.’

So how did they come up with these rankings? For TravelSupermarket being hip requires fitting to a very specific set of criteria: ‘You’ll be pleased to know that we didn’t base the ranking on beard-to-face and pints of craft beer ratios!’ says Coulthurst.

‘Instead, we looked at everything from independent coffee shops and vintage fashion outposts to the local creative culture – the things that set a hip destination apart from the rest of the pack.’

‘Anywhere with ‘Peak Hipster’ status, such as Shoreditch, didn’t make the cut – places like this are now overrun by chains. Instead, we wanted to find those areas where locals love to hang out due to the area’s independent creative spirit.’

The research behind the index was extensive, using a system that was methodical and consistent for each neighbourhood. Three key indicators were measured:

  • Hip Culture Outpost Density – the ratio of typical trend-setting markers such as independent coffee shops, vintage fashion stores, vinyl record shops, vegan cafes and independent bike shops to the number of residents in that area
  • Creative Capital Density – the ratio of creative industry indicators such as co-working spaces and art galleries/studios to the number of residents
  • Traveller Value – the potential savings to be made (or not) for travellers staying in these neighbourhoods rather than in the city centre

Anywhere with ‘Peak Hipster’ status, such as Shoreditch, didn’t make the cut. Instead, we wanted to find those areas where locals love to hang out due to the area’s independent creative spirit

Penalty points were subtracted for areas with a high numbers of chains such as Starbucks, Costa and Pret a Manger, which indicates they have reached ‘Peak Hipster’ and means the likes of Shoreditch were outranked by districts that are on the up and/or have maintained their ‘indy’ spirit.

TravelSupermarket partnered with UK travel blogger Emily Ray from The Cosy Traveller and self-confessed hipster blogger Adam Groffman from Travels of Adam to create mini-guides for the top 10 ranked places on the list, with tips on the best spots for a caffeine hit, the most instagrammable places to visit and the best food and drinks.

See the full guide here travelsupermarket.com



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