Timelapse Videos of London’s Empty Streets

Lead image: A deserted Trafalgar Square by Alastair Hilton (londonw4photographer.com)

With the capital on lockdown, central London has taken on an eerie, yet strangely beautiful state of peacefulness.

Rush hour is no more, nights on the tiles have been swapped for virtual catch-ups on Zoom, and the usually packed streets of Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street are deserted.

Check out these busy central London hubs as you’ve never seen them before:

This timelapse video of London, above, was filmed through a car windscreen, starting at Oxford Street and heading through Soho, down Regent’s Street, Piccadilly Circus, the Mall and then past Big Ben and over Westminster Bridge.

This timelapse video takes us on a journey through the empty pavements of central London as the Covid-19 lockdown measures advice people to stay at home for all but essential reasons to prevent the spread of the virus.

Stay at home

The latest government guidance

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home)
  • If you go out, stay two metres (6ft) away from other people at all times
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home
  • Do not meet others, even friends or family that does not reside in your household

Additional guidance

You can go outside for exercise once a day – alone or with members of your household – but you must keep two metres away from others at all times. Joggers, please give other joggers and pedestrians a wide birth. Cyclists, please give other cyclists and joggers and pedestrians a wide birth.

Do not linger. Do not rest on a bench or patch of grass because the police will move you on. Picnics and sunbathing in public parks is certainly not allowed. The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has made it clear that, if necessary, these rules will be tightened.

Remember: You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.


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