Breathable cocktails come to London this summer as Bompas & Parr opens Alcoholic Architecture at Borough Market

We don’t often get to see meteorology and mixology come together, but this new arrival in the capital is about to change things. 

Bompas & Parr, the leaders in contemporary food design and flavour-based experiences, will open a walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail inside the basement of a Victorian building in Borough at the end of July. 

The one-of-a-kind cloud will be composed of fine spirits and mixer at a ratio of 1:3, made using powerful humidifiers. With so much alcohol in the air, visitors will see less than a metre in front of them. The reason? A high humidity level enhances flavour perception, so guests can test their tastebuds while sampling the Borough Market-inspired cocktail menu.

smoky cocktails

Smoky cocktails at Alcoholic Architecture

Protective suits are required before entering (yes, really) but this doesn’t mean there’s anything dangerous involved. In fact, by breathing in the cocktail, alcohol bypasses the liver allowing visitors to consume 40 percent less (with correspondingly reduced calories) and to feel sober! 

‘With Alcoholic Architecture we are going for maximal intensity of cocktail experience,’ Harry Parr, director of Bompas & Parr, said. ‘With every breath you take, notice a fresh botanical or flavour in the spirit that can be hard to discern in a regular drink. Taste the cloud, savour the sky.’

As for what to expect visually? Think Miami Deco and the faux-medievalism of Jim Jarmusch’s Loudon in The Devils.

‘Creatively the installation draws inspiration from Borough Market’s produce, medieval history and weather to create a sci-fi fantasy where meteorology and mixology collide,’ explained Sam Bompas. ‘Visiting Alcoholic Architecture will generate the same sort of awe and wonder we have all probably experienced when gazing up at the night’s sky. Imagine Disney meets De Sade in Barbarella’s castle by way of Medieval Times with flagons of ale!’

Intrigued? Alcoholic Architecture open at 1 Cathedral St, SE1 9DE on 31 July. The full drinks list will be announced on the 14 July alongside the formulations for the first cloud. Find out more and buy tickets (from £10) at bompasandparr.com



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