Good news for Friends fans – the sitcom will be celebrated at a festival in East London this September

You might have given up watching re-runs of Friends years ago, but there’s no escaping this hit TV show. 

Comedy Central is hoping to make Londoners nostalgic for the most successful sitcom in history when it celebrates the show’s 21st anniversary in September. Friends Fest will take place at Brick Lane’s Boiler House over five days and will include a Central Perk-themed cafe, a replica of Monica’s apartment and a pop-up hair salon (and yes, you can ask for a ‘Rachel’). 

Props and memorabilia (remember the orange sofa?) from the Warner Bros. set will be on display in an exhibition and there will be screenings of classic episodes. 

Can’t wait to relive your favourite Friends moments? Friends Fest is on from 16 – 20 September at The Boiler House, 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL. Tickets are £5 each and are on sale from Wednesday 12 August at There’s no place like London, baby!