Is The Scheme the next big thing? The Notting Hill trio – Kris James, Kyle Carpenter and Aleksey Lopez – recently toured America with their haunting harmonies and good looks. Think The Script crossed with Lawson, with a bit of old-school Boyzone thrown in. It’s a recipe for boyband success… 

There’s a charm surrounding new boys on the block, The Scheme. A mishap in interview organisation causes us to be demoted from a VIP members club to The Electric Diner – close to where the band live – complete with screaming baby and exceptionally loud waiters. Despite this, it’s clear that although these are men doing remarkably well in the music world, they still have their feet firmly on the ground.

Notting Hill, a perfect location for creativity

The boys live in beautiful Notting Hill, a perfect location for creativity

Formed of Kris James, Kyle Carpenter and Aleksey Lopez, The Scheme is a boyband to look out for in Notting Hill this year. In fact, a band to watch worldwide. With haunting harmonies and the all-too-important good looks the strength of their trio is, in many ways, set. Their recent tour in America has amassed social followings well into the thousands. Think The Script (Carpenter has a certain Script front-man Danny O’Donoghue look) crossed with Lawson, with a bit of old-school Boyzone thrown in, and they have the recipe for boyband success. What’s more, they come from all corners of the globe: Lopez, who couldn’t make it to the interview, is the Spanish baby of the group at 23, while Carpenter, 26, is from Orlando, and James, 28, from Liverpool. ‘It’s kind of like baby to, erm, man,’ laughs James with an infectiously friendly Scouse accent.

A chance meeting at a studio between James and Carpenter led them to create a band, move to Berlin and write an album. They decided to return to the UK and approached Lopez, who they had seen playing in the live bands for X Factor and The Voice. ‘It was immediately apparent that he was a great musician,’ remarks Carpenter. ‘The rest is history!’

Though still honing their craft as a band, they spent 2015 in LA where they played to an arena of 20,000 people, one which Ed Sheeran played two days later. ‘In America we get treated as celebrities, due to no-one knowing that we’re not that famous,’ smirks James. ‘Everyone has high expectations, but I would expect a gold standard album in a charted position’ is the answer to where they envisage themselves in two years time. And in five years? ‘A platinum album of course,’ adds James cheekily. ‘We’ve always said that we will do it until it works.’

The Scheme had a successful 2015 in LA

They spent half of 2015 in LA, where they have a large following

What’s particularly resonant is their willingness to learn. With the launch of their debut single Dust last year, they took a gamble and decided not to feature in the music video. ‘It was more about the music at the time, or at least it seemed to be, so we went for a beautiful abstract dance and stayed out of the video,’ explains James. ‘The reaction to the song was great, but people wanted to see our faces so it wasn’t entirely successful!’

‘It’s trial and error, you know,’ adds Carpenter. The name of the band itself was born through their constant scheming to better themselves and move away from the corporate talent shows such as X Factor that agents kept trying to put them through. And they’ll keep on ‘scheming’ and making music along the way. ‘We’re still going be here in five years whether people like us or not,’ grins James.

With a growing fan-base of teenage girls who continue to shower the boys with gifts and travel hundreds of miles to be at small gigs, in (nearly) the boys own lyrics, they really could be getting diamonds soon.

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