Just as you thought the Edinburgh Fringe was nearing its end, the Chelsea Theatre revs it back into gear with The Not Television Festival, a series of post-Fringe shows to take you back to the action

Immersive art events are everywhere these days. If it’s not Marina Abramović leading crowds by the hand into the Serpentine, it’s hoards of Londoners roaming around Hackney in 50s clothes for a screening of Back to the Future. The Not Television festival, an event soon to take place at the Chelsea Theatre, takes the trend of ‘audience participation’ to a new level. The events involved are largely open-ended, described as ‘Edinburgh discovery’ and promising nothing but a wild, entertaining show performed by new talent found at this year’s Fringe festival.

 The Not Television Festival is the brainchild of critic and programmer Ben Walters, who blogs about cabaret and DIY culture, among other things, at ‘It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of the bold new performance work I’m most passionate about,’ says Ben. ‘Unrehearsable, unpredictable and unrepeatable shows that gets you buzzing in places the telly just can’t reach.’

Also on the agenda for the festival are an open air tea dance from Ragroof theatre and Tomás Ford’s Electric Midnight Cabaret.

The Not Television Festival, ‘A post-Edinburgh weekend of shows that love you back’ will take place at the Chelsea Theatre, Friday August 29 to Sunday August 31 2014

Chelsea Theatre, Worlds End Place SW10 0DR