Morning Gloryville celebrated its 4th birthday at Brixton Rooftop on 1 June 2017 with 1,000 sober ravers grooving away on a sunny beach from 7am. But what is it about the early morning rave that’s got Londoners hooked?

The term ‘early morning rave’ would have been a contradiction in terms in years gone by, unless by early morning rave you were referring to ‘the after party’. These days, as wellness takes centre-stage and time-poor Londoners give up the traditional bender to manic schedules and juicing routines, partying has migrated to a new time zone.

Founded in 2013 by Nico Thoemmes and Samantha Moyo, Morning Gloryville were early pioneers of the sober, drug-free rave. Even Fatboy Slim is a fan of their dance parties in Berlin, Manchester and in London, where it seems they’re here to stay.

Previous birthday parties have featured performances from the likes of Basement Jazz and Rudimental. Early risers are invited to throw on their jazziest leggings and dance, sober as a stick, like nobody’s watching.

Along with electrifying musical performances, guests can unwind in free yoga zones, head to the Transformation Station to be painted with biodegradable sparkles from Glitterlution, and enjoy revitalising wake-up massages to loosen limbs. Post-dancefloor, ravers can refuel with delicious superfood smoothies, pick up healthy vegan snacks and get an energy fix from the coffee kiosk.

Along with electrifying musical performances, guests can unwind in free yoga zones and refuel with delicious superfood smoothies and healthy vegan snacks

Other upcoming events include Sky High Solstice at The View from The Shard at 4.15am on 21 June, where you can reconnect with nature at the peak of London’s urban jungle with the help of a a gong orchestra and a drumming workshop, as well as Morning Gloryville x Colours of Love at Ministry of Sound on Wednesday 12 July, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of 1967’s Summer of Love from 6.30am.

You’ll also often find Morning Gloryville at their flagship venue, the Oval Space in East London, which has a regular capacity of over 1,000 come sunrise. Spread the love…

See morninggloryville.com to book tickets 

Here’s how Morning Gloryville’s 4th birthday party went down at Brixton Rooftop in June 2017: