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1 @theeconomist shares a photo of the Oxford University men’s boat crew carrying their boat out of the water following training on the Thames on 28 March 2017 (photo credit: Reuters/Toby Melville)

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2 @LONDON shared ‘the #BoatRace2017 as seen by #NPASLondon’

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3 What a day for it! As shared by @edwinlslee

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4 London’s riverside at its finest, as shared by @kerriepaps

5 @suranding captures the action:

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6 ‘Serious boating’, says @robmoore024

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7 @iversue captures the action from Putney Bridge:

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8 @phildo22Quality captures the crowd basking in the sun:

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9 What a beautiful sport! As captured by @adam.thomas1

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10 That sun! Hammersmith Bridge captured by @robnoxious77

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11 The crowds! As captured by @olliesav

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12 Oxford pulls away… Captured by @robinballphoto

13 And it’s theirs, congratulations Oxford! @metronewspaper captures Oxford cox Sam Collier celebrating after being thrown in the river (photo: PA)

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14 It’s all over…  @_slizzy_ captures the sunset:

15 While the Oxford men powered to victory, the Oxford women’s crew lost out to Cambridge, which means everyone’s a winner!