Natasha Sandhu: Life Isn’t Always Picture Perfect

Top Chigwell influencer Natasha Sandhu, is living the dream, but as she reveals here in her very first column, her life isn’t always picture perfect

Finally, after what felt like the coldest, longest and wettest of winters ever, followed by an equally dismal spring, it seems like summer has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more grateful.

As someone who has a dog and lives in an apartment, I have no choice but to get out there whatever the weather and I must say, I was getting heartily sick of arriving home after walking Ralph almost as wet and muddy as him.

After so much time indoors over the past year, even doing my jigsaw puzzles and re-watching Friends in time for The Reunion was starting to lose its appeal. So hello summer, I am so happy to see you.

My Greek odyssey
Having never been to Greece, it’s been on my list of places to visit for quite some time. So when the opportunity arose recently for me to go, I jumped at the chance, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

During my week-long visit, I stayed at the stunning Atlantica Aegean Blue resort, right on the beach front with fantastic views of the Med. Despite having to take lots of tests and quarantine on my return, I can honestly say it was absolutely worth it and I will definitely be paying a return visit.

In The Style
Before heading to Greece, I was busy shooting my fourth In The Style edit which was so exciting. It is such an honour to have a fashion range out with them at all, and for this to be my fourth feels like such a huge achievement for me. This edit is super summery with loads of cute dresses in flattering prints and fabrics and is perfect for balmy days in the UK. All the items have been designed to appeal to everyone and suit all shapes and sizes. I hope you’ll enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed helping to create them.


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Lets talk mental health
My anxiety has been getting the better of me lately, and I have been struggling to find motivation. I have always said how important exercise is for combatting anxiety and I used to make sure I hit the gym every single day. However, just lately, due to my lack of motivation, I’ve let daily exercise slip and subsequently really struggled. But as I write this, I am willing myself back into the gym and back in to a routine for my mental well being. I will let you know how I get on. Wish me luck!

It’s good to be back inside
Who’d have thought a year or so ago that the prospect of dining inside a restaurant without all the paraphernalia of coat, hat, scarf, umbrella etc. would be so tantalising. I was therefore looking forward to my first indoor eating experience and I am pleased to report it did not disappoint. I’d been invited to the launch of a new north London restaurant called No.5 and, from the moment I walked in, I immediately felt back in my element. A wonderfully lush interior with brilliant music, entertainment and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. I am so looking forward to the many more meals to come.


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Return to retail
A recent shopping expedition to my local shopping centre – my first since lockdown – was sadly not the pleasurable experience I’d been anticipating. They were quite strict at the store entrances, with an in-out one-way system, however once in the shop it was a complete free for all! Everyone was bumping shoulders, the fitting rooms were packed and the queues were the longest I’d ever witnessed, but worse still there were no safety measures in place. I ended up hurriedly buying my stuff before heading home to try on.

Lockdown weight gain
So I weighed myself recently, which is not something I often do, only to realise that since Christmas I have gained over a stone in weight. I am not surprised as I do feel I have been overindulging, and finding it hard to get back on the wagon. In fact, come to think of it, I’ve been eating crisps and bread every single day – things that I would never normally allow myself to eat. Okay, I’m putting it out here – I am going to cut down. But before I do, maybe just a quick slice of toast…

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