London’s Royal Parks to Remain Open During Coronavirus Outbreak

**UPDATE 23 MARCH: #SocialDistancing as set out by the Government is a priority and not a choice. All remaining cafés and kiosks offering takeaways in our parks are closed with immediate effect. We are also closing Richmond, Bushy and Greenwich Parks to traffic.**

A message from the editor: Please be mindful of social distancing and keep two metres away from others and DO NOT gather in large groups. Many of us have witnessed this over the weekend and it has been truly alarming. If we want our precious parks and green spaces to remain open we must follow social distancing guidelines.

As Londoners adjust to the reality of social distancing and spending a lot more time at home, London’s famous green spaces will become more valuable to us than ever

Lead image: Greenwich Park © Royal Parks

So we’re pretty relieved to hear that The Royal Parks will remain open, and we are being encouraged to visit the parks to spend time in nature, relax or exercise – while following government advice about social distancing, of course, which is to give people two meters of space to avoid spreading the virus.

London’s Royal Parks provide visitors with crucial access to vital green spaces, where we can walk, run, get a breath of fresh air and immerse ourselves in nature – all of which are proven to boost mental health.

‘In these difficult times, we’re welcoming people to London’s eight historic Royal Parks to relax, exercise and engage in nature’

‘The Royal Parks have always been there for locals and visitors, providing the green lungs of the city and hosting incredible wildlife and heritage,’ said Tom Jarvis, Director of Parks.

‘And, now more than ever, these vital assets offer a tranquil haven for visitors to come to boost their physical and mental wellbeing.

‘In these difficult times, we’re welcoming people to London’s eight historic Royal Parks to relax, exercise and engage in nature.

‘Staying fit and well is particularly important, and we ask visitors to follow the Government’s advice and carry out social distancing to prevent the disease spreading, by protecting themselves and others.’

In an effort to reduce social contact between visitors, The Royal Parks charity, which is closely monitoring advice on COVID-19 from the Government and Public Health England, the following measures have been put in place:

  • All playgrounds are closed to public access until further notice to with social distancing
  • All sports bookings (including school bookings) at The Hub in Regent’s Park have been cancelled until 19 April, when the situation will be reviewed
  • All cafés and kiosks in the parks are now closed until further notice
  • All of The Royal Parks’ learning and education programmes, community programmes and volunteer activities have been cancelled with immediate effect until the end of April, when the situation will be reviewed
  • All small events being held in a Royal Park from now until 30 April have been
  • Park toilets are free of charge until further notice, in order to provide visitors with hand washing facilities
  • All park offices are now closed to the public until further notice

Where are London’s Royal Parks?

  • Hyde Park
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Green Park
  • St James’s Park
  • Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill
  • Greenwich Park
  • Richmond Park
  • Bushy Park

Royal Parks also manages Brompton Cemetery and Victoria Tower Gardens

Please check The Royal Parks website and Twitter feed for daily updates on the coronavirus situation