HR Moore is causing quite a stir with her fantasy epic, Legacy of the Mind. Cortlyn Stovall asks if this West Londoner may be the new JK Rowling, while finding out how New York played a key role in inspiring her

The world of fantasy has been sweeping the book shelves and silver screens across the globe. Wizards, vampires and supernatural powers are common denominators in the recent blockbuster series capturing the minds of bookworms and cinema fanatics alike. Legacy of the Mind, a trilogy set in a fantasy realm revolving around energy, could be the next title you see flying off the shelves and onto the big screens.

Author HR Moore – Harriet to you and I – was inspired by these authors’ ability to create a world and engulf readers into it through their own words. ‘The whole point was really there is a lot of young adult literature out there, like the Hunger Games, Twilight and various books like those, that I really enjoyed reading,’ Harriet says. ‘I wanted to create something similar, but maybe a little bit more grown up at the same time. I wanted to write something like that but for someone my age.’

Why HR Moore could be the new JK Rowling

West Londoner HR Moore was initially inspired by New York (pictured top) for Legacy of the Mind

The West Londoner has had an interest in writing since she was a little girl, always writing letters to her friends and family. It wasn’t until she was at university in St Andrews that a professor complimented her writing techniques on her essays that she thought about writing a novel. ‘I thought it would be really interesting if I actually could write a book. It’s a massive process. I had to figure out where to start and what do to do.’ The Legacy trilogy didn’t surface until much later, however. ‘I went on a training course at work and the feedback I got said I had a lot of energy. It made me think about how energy might be different for different people and how it manifests differently.’

It wasn’t until she took a three month holiday from work that the Legacy story began to develop into the romantic fantasy found inside of Harriet’s pages. ‘I was in New York for a few months and I had a lot of free time. I thought it’s now or never and just went for it.’ Each day, she would walk through Central Park and let her mind wander into the temples of the mind, body and spirit as she created plots and twists to tell the story etched in her mind until the first book was complete.

Legacy of the Mind is set in a different world, similar yet slightly altered from own. It revolves around the concept of energy, how it manifests in both people and the world. The energy is split amongst three temples: mind, body and spirit. Relatable themes of power, self-conflict and the inspirationally rebellious damsel not-so-in distress draw you in page by page. I started to read the preview online to get a feel for Harriet’s writing and found myself buying the book at the end of the preview because I couldn’t put it down and finished it within four days. Needless to say, I now yearn for the completion of the second instalment, due in early 2015.

After the writing process, Harriet had the not-so-easy task of publication. After several rejections from publishers, she made the decision to go the self-publication route. ‘I sent my work off to several agents, but I was naive and my book was not near to being done and I was rejected. I never thought about stopping. If you research it, it prepares you to get rejected. People don’t always want to take a risk. Instead of looking for the next thing, people follow what has happened before. I think I just didn’t hit the right agent at the right time. So, I polished it up and looked into self-publishing. It’s a full-time job but it is fun. You have that full creative control and your own timeframe.’ After the publication, Harriet relied on blogs, social media and word of mouth to raise awareness of Legacy. She says the feedback has been tremendously positive, and she couldn’t be happier.

Harriet is now in the process of completing the second book in the Legacy series while balancing a full-time job as a project manager. ‘It’s about a third done,’ she reveals. ‘It’s shaping up well and coming along nicely. With a full-time job, I just have to discipline myself to sit down and write.’ Along with writing and work, she and her husband are expecting their first child in October. So Harriet can certainly talk about energy. She is using this as motivation to finish writing before the baby is born so she can devote her time to the joys of motherhood. ‘A lot of people stop and never finish. It is hard work, but you can’t just give up. The hardest part is just sharing it with someone. But once you get it out there and people love the story and love the book, the feeling is overwhelmingly brilliant.’

Why HR Moore could be the new JK Rowling

Legacy of the Mind (The Legacy Trilogy) is available to buy in Kindle edition from Amazon for £1.99; hrmoore.com

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