When pet insurance seems like an unnecessary or unafordable expense, there’s another alternative – interest-free credit. Here Stewart Halperin (BVMS, MRCVS), Managing Director at Carefree Credit, explains how an interest-free loan for vet bills can save your pet’s life

For those of us lucky enough to have pet insurance when a loved one falls ill, all we have to worry about is their swift treatment and recovery. 

But for the 75% of British pet owners who don’t have insurance – or for pets needing treatment not covered by the policy, a sick pet can be a financial nightmare, with urgently needed treatment often running into thousands of pounds.

So pet owners are often faced with the stark choice between finding the money needed for treatment at short notice, or letting a loved family member die.

For vets like me, it’s a heartbreaking situation for us both. I hate to see animals suffer and so desperately want to provide the treatment needed, although understanding the financial difficulties many face in finding money at short notice.

That’s why I founded Carefree Credit, which provides interest-free loans to clients of vets who need a quick, easy and inexpensive way to raise the cash needed for urgent care.

How pet insurance can save your pets life when you don't have pet insurance

Higgs is now feeling much better!

One such patient found our 0% finance a lifesaver for her pet Higgs (pictured above):

“After taking my Labrador to the vet, I was faced with every pet owners’ worst nightmare: being told that he needed urgent surgery costing £3,700, which had to be paid upfront before any treatment would start and the vet refusing any type of payment plan to help me was the beginning of the most worrying and stressful few weeks of my life.

“Having no insurance to cover his treatment and struggling to get help or advice, I came across Carefree Credit and within minutes of contacting them I received an email from the Head of Client Services, Debbie who not only went out of her way to help but also showed she genuinely cared.

“I was provided with a list of veterinary practices within my area who accepted Carefree Credit and I was booked in to see a new vet the following day. Within a matter of days a payment plan was put in place, my Lab had a caring friendly helpful vet and an appointment made to carry out the surgery needed.”

Carefree Credit uses a simple online facility which only takes a few minutes to complete, providing loans from £250 to £25,000 instantly with credit terms normally 0% over 12 months or 9.9% over 24 months.

Carefree Credit also provides finance for Horse owners.

For further information, visit: carefreecredit.co.uk/for-pet-owners or call 0845 313 0177 to find the nearest veterinary practice offering the service.

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