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Here’s why one South London-based dog enthusiast believes you could have the pet dog you dream of no matter how busy you are

Owning a dog brings unimaginable joy and companionship. But it can be tricky juggling work, holidays and a busy lifestyle and still giving your dog a full, balanced and happy life.

Most people are precious about their pooch (even if they won’t admit it!). The idea of sending your dog out for the day or whilst you are on holiday can be daunting. Sipping pina coladas in the sun isn’t the same if you’re worried about your dog while you’re doing it! It’s hard enough spending your days slogging away earning a living (those organic dog treats don’t come cheap!) without feeling guilty about your dog at the same time.

The good news is that the rise of luxurious dog crèches has now made it possible for busy people to own a dog, where before they may have thought their lifestyle could not allow it. While you’re in the daily grind, your dog can spending their time chilling with pals in acres of private fields, swimming in the pools or racing through the agility courses. It’s a dog’s life!

How to fit a dog into your life

Bruce heads up his Doggy Daycare

As SW residents we’re lucky, but not as lucky as our dogs. South London’s oldest dog day care centre, Bruce’s Doggy Day Care, has been giving SW dogs action packed days out for many years. Unfortunately, in recent times there has been a waiting list to get your dog in. Like an exclusive school, people have been putting their pup on the list before the owner has picked it up! Due to popular demand and a recent planning success, Bruce’s has now expanded their South London coverage and has new spaces available.

Bruce’s has also recently opened their home boarding service the general public. This service has been running successfully for years, but was previously available only to regular weekly clients. When you go on holiday, your dog will go and stay with one of their team, living in their home as a family pet. This means lots of love, cuddles attention and definitely no kennels or cages! Again, spaces are limited because they have only a few hand picked, professional carers but this does mean that your dog will be getting only the best!

To contact Bruce’s Doggy Day Care call 0207 205 2230