The Resident briefly caught up with Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie as she is named the UK’s ‘Rising Star’, an initiative by the award-winning photographer Rankin and Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, to talk Game of Thrones, Star Wars (sort of) and her life in London 

How does it feel to be in such a phenomenal TV series? 
I couldn’t be happier for the incredible success of Game of Thrones. Everyone on the show is so dedicated to making it as good as it possibly can be!

How did you feel when you saw that fans of Game Of Thrones championed you to play Brienne?
It was a great feeling and the fans of the show continue to be very supportive, which is much appreciated!

What sort of opportunities has Game Of Thrones opened up for you?
‘Game of Thrones’ has such an enormous viewership, and I’m not sure that its audience can even be calculated in the wake of the internet and the revolution that has taken place in how we view media. It’s fantastic to be part of a program that offers such a platform for ones work.

Would you like to play a part that isn’t so bad-ass? Maybe a romantic comedy?
I would love to do a romantic comedy! I received a classical training with a method approach at Drama Centre London, so look forward to exploring a wide range of parts in the future.

What’s your dream role?
A Sausage Roll!

Ha ha! Would you like to go back to your roots in classic theatre?
Hopefully I may be doing some theatre in the not too distant future!

Gwendoline Christie Game of Thrones Brienne and UK Rising Star

Gwendoline Christie with Rankin and other Rising Stars

How does being on stage at the theatre compare to being on set for Game of Thrones/Star Wars/Hunger Games, which are all pretty supernatural?
The muscles that are used for theatre and for film are very different. Both require real discipline and imagination. But sometimes you have to use your imagination more often than others.

What can you tell us about your character in Star Wars?
Nothing at the moment! 

How has your life changed in the last few years, professionally and personally?
I have been lucky to do rather a lot of traveling over the last few years and have visited magical places like Rio, Mexico, Croatia and Venice all due to my work. It’s spectacular to see the world and explore different cultures.

Do you get recognised walking around London? And stopped a lot? Do you have any anecdotes you can tell us about fans approaching you?
I was recognised whilst I was undergoing a root canal recently, which was unusual.

Speaking of London where’s your favourite place to just mooch around?
Mud larking on the banks of the Thames at low tide.

Where else do you like to visit? 
Maiden on Shoreditch High Street is a great elf-sized gift shop, and Hoi Poloi is a beautifully designed restaurant with a secret entrance through a flower shop.

What do you love about London? 
I love living in London and I don’t think you can ever tire of the magnificence of the Houses of Parliament or St Paul’s Cathedral.

If you didn’t live there where would you live?
I would also love to live in Los Angeles.

Gwendoline Christie attended this year’s Venice Film Festival which saw the launch of Rankin’s European search for the next rising star with Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. For more information visit