Love Reading? Get 25% Off Smart New Book Discovery Service A Box of Stories

Love reading? Struggle to find good books? Then A Box of Stories – a new book discovery platform that’s rated by readers and curated by code – might be for you…

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Some 200,000 titles are published every year in the UK, but just 20% of these are lucky enough to get a decent marketing budget and make it onto bestsellers lists.

The other 80% includes amazing books and new authors that don’t get the attention they deserve, relying on word of mouth to get discovered.

So how does one discover these hidden gems? With the help of A Box of StoriesCo-Founder Aasha Chauhan, who lives in Canonbury, launched the surprise book service last year to channel the wisdom of the crowd into an algorithm that turns up brilliant reads that have been flying under the radar.

A Box of Stories curates titles that have sold in decent numbers, using an algorithm that combines reviews from leading book forums, rankings on websites, critic reviews, blogs and sales figures from publishers to create a box of four books that are guaranteed to delight a book lover.

Unlike subscription websites that have a pre-decided box of one or two books selected by editors, the team at A Box of Stories has no idea what the algorithm is going to put together, yet it is capable of combining seemingly unrelated titles from across multiple publishers and genres into meaningful boxes.

All this means that you’ll find an author or a book that you might not otherwise have come across – without putting in any of the leg work. If you love them, spread the word and help more book lovers discover new authors and great reads.

‘The algorithm is capable of combining seemingly unrelated titles from across multiple publishers and genres into meaningful boxes’

A Box of Stories also gives a percentage of its profits to charities working for literacy, helping to spread the joy of reading across the globe.

A surprise box of books starts from £14.99, or you can choose a Fiction Box, also £14.99, or a Crime, Mystery and Thriller Box for £21.99. Shipping within the UK is free.

The Resident readers can enjoy a 25% discount on all genre boxes from now until 31 January – simply enter the code SPECIAL25 when checking out at

*Order by 21 December 2019 to get your Box of Stories by Christmas