8 Highlights of Brixton Design Trail 2017

As Brixton Design Trail returns for a second year – this time with the theme Love is Power – SW Resident picks out the best bits… 

Brixton Design Trail, part of the London Design Festival, aims to communicate the positive force of love in celebrating difference and promoting acceptance of others. Showcasing an exciting line-up of local designers from diverse backgrounds, BDT17 will champion the democratisation of design by establishing it as part of the every day; using the streets and public spaces as canvases. Here’s what to look out for:

Brixton locals and regular visitors will likely recall Eley Kishimoto’s distinctive pavement graffiti from previous design events, but this year, together with designers dolman-bowles, they’ve taken Flash up a notch. This year, Flash Open Borders will see a series of permanent patterned road markings popping up around the area to replace those terribly, um, pedestrian pedestrian crossings. The Flash Crossings will highlight the dangers of this busy, vibrant area, packed with pedestrians, cyclists and cars. Head for the junction of Atlantic Road and Coldharbour Lane to see Flash in full colour.

Artist Sam Furness and graphic designer Toni Hollis will present Untranslation, an installation that explores how different cultures interpret the world by shining a light on individual words that are untranslatable in English, creating a cultural design dictionary with a series of flags suspended from the rafters of Brixton Village Market.

A partnership between designers Studio HE and artist Lisa Turner-Wray will create Brixton Playing Fields, an outdoor art installation with collaborative play and inclusivity at its heart in an undeveloped pocket of land adjacent to St Matthew’s Church. A series of interactive tools will be created to encourage shared experience, co-operation and imagination.

Local design studio Bharat & Jean have drawn inspiration for The Silent Arch from the resolute community support for the businesses evicted from the railway arches. The public installation will present a colourful pastiche of an arch, which invites passers-by to reflect on how past and future development has affected the town centre.

Architects Squire & Partners will open the doors of The Department Store to host a design series collaborating with the area’s finest creative talent. The line-up includes experimental installations, fashion and craft as well as workshops in printmaking, textiles and papercraft with talks from collaborators such as Eley Kishimoto, Interior iD, Based Upon and Opus Magnum.

Brixton-based Italian art and design house Animali Domestici will showcase art by local and internationally known artists and makers in their Victorian Grade II-listed workspace. Using paper, glass, stone and wood, ID Papers is a project aiming to redefine and explore new identities.

This playful weekend event is brought to you by Brixton stalwarts Crafty Fox Market and BRIXI, creative enterprises born of a love for all things handmade. It will showcase designers, free-thinkers and makers along with roaming performers, music and workshops.

Love Stops from Art4Space will present a series of mosaic hearts handmade by community arts group Art4Space, which will create a visual prompt to passers-by to pause for a moment to consider themselves, and to promote wellbeing by suggesting positive actions.

What is the London Design Festival?
Established in 2003, the London Design Festival celebrates and promotes London as a world leader in design and innovation, and is the UK’s gateway to the international design community. It has since earned a reputation in London’s autumn calendar alongside London Fashion Week, Frieze and the London Film Festival, attracting the greatest talent in the capital in a citywide celebration of creativity.