Last week London treated us to some beautiful pinky purple sunrises. This week, not so much. But there’s beauty to be captured in these misty mornings, as you’ve been showing us through Instagram. The Resident picks out 15 of the best #FoggyLondon Instagram posts…

1. Views of the Thames weren’t quite what they should be this morning…

#londonwinter #londonfog #gloomyday what a start to the week 😢

A photo posted by Monique Sosanya (@monique_sosy) on

2. Cranes behind the London Eye lost in the fog:

Foggy London • #london #londonfog

A photo posted by A l e x a G o n ç a l v e s (@alexaagoncalves) on

3. Spot Big Ben…

4. And again:

It’s a little foggy! 🌁👌 pic by @zobolondon #londonsbest

A photo posted by London’s Best (@londonsbest) on

5. Hampstead Ponds looking beautiful:

Gentle mist where air meets ice

A photo posted by Merlin Fox (@foxtography) on

6. Canary Wharf looks almost magical:

Morning fog. I think this is the right way… #LondonFog #icantfeelmyfacewhenimwithyou

A photo posted by Alexander (@overworked_glutton) on

7. The tip of The Shard is the only thing visible from the air:

#peekaboo #londonfog

A photo posted by Naveen Viswanatha (@nviswanatha) on

8. Tower Bridge emerges from the mist.

Where’s the rest of London gone? #londonfog #towerbridge #eeriewalktowork

A photo posted by Beanie (@beaniesa) on

9. #NoFilter on this eerie picture of Greenland Dock in Rotherhithe:

10. Tower Bridge is nowhere to be seen in this foggy picture captured from Queen’s Walk by City Hall:

Tower Bridge where are you 🙈 #londonfog

A photo posted by Rachael Parker (@rachjp7) on

11. Chelsea Bridge looking like something from a horror movie:

Searching for Monday motivation like 🌫 #londonfog

A photo posted by Imogen Hobson (@imyhobson) on

12. Must. Stick. To. Fitness. Regime!

❄️❄️FOGGY MONDAY❄️❄️ Yes , it is cold , foggy and it is Monday! Maybe reasons to push you down, but… You are STRONGER than this conditions!! Hard to get out this morning to complete my 13km long run, But it is done! Warm Clothes, Good music and big smile are the best weapons!! I really enjoy to get lost into the foggy crossing more brave unknown runners around smiling each other , thinking ” I am not the only crazy out here” 😂 Have a nice foggy day dears❄️ _________________________________________ ❄️❄️LUNES DE NiEBLA❄️❄️ Si sabemos que hace frío, mucha niebla y también es Lunes! Razones suficientes para sentirse desmotivado, pero no es así.. Tu eres más FUERTE que estas condiciones!! Tengo que reconocer qie me costó levantarme temprano y completar mi rodaje largo de 13km, pero salir abrigadito, buena música y una gran sonrisa han sido las mejores armas! He disfrutado un montón perdiéndome en la niebla y cruzándome otros runners sonriéndose unos a otros sin conocerse pensando ” No soy el únic@ loco que salgo con este frio”😂 Disfruta del día ❄️ #living #livinglife #running #cold❄ #coldday #cold #foggy #foggy #foggylondon #believeinyourself #beautiful #strongwomen #winterrun #justdoit #werunlondon #missrunning

A photo posted by Miriam Jiménez (@miss_personal_trainer) on

13. Misty waters.

A photo posted by Artia (@yartia) on

14. Hello…? Vauxhall Bridge disappears.

Bridge to nowhere… #fogcity #london #fog #londonfog #vauxhallbridge #bridgetonowhere #winter

A photo posted by Kerry Davis (@kerrymdavis) on

15. This was the scene over London two days ago, as the fog started to creep in…

About to touch down in London as the famous fog rolls in!!! #london #londonfog #unitedkingdom

A photo posted by James Piercing (@jamespiercingadventures) on

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