BXR in Marylebone is revolutionising the way we workout with heavyweights like Anthony Joshua stepping into the gym’s central boxing ring…

You know the feeling. There’s still 2k to go on your treadmill run and you’re seriously flagging. You need a little inspiration or encouragement, so it helps when you can watch a heavyweight champion of the world doing his thing at new gym, BXR, on Chiltern Street in Marylebone.

‘The boxing ring is in the middle of the gym upstairs,’ says BXR co-founder Neil Sanyal, ‘and it’s very motivational seeing someone like Anthony Joshua working out.’

BXR certainly packs quite a punch. It’s a state-of-the-art, members-only fitness facility, with the highlight being the fact it offers the highest level of professional boxing training. There are some big names backing it, from Mark Ronson to Victoria’s Secret models Sara Sampaio and Maryna Linchuk, not forgetting the man Sanyal refers to as AJ.

‘With AJ, we had a lot of boxers approach us to get involved in this, but he was always the one we wanted on board. We think he best represents the sport currently: he’s very inspirational, a great ambassador for the sport, very humble, very switched on and well balanced.’

BXR is tapping into the nation’s love for boxing right now – they even have top boxing coach Jamie Reynolds and Dr Mike Loosemore of the Centre for Health & Human Performance involved

Sanyal and business partner Olia Sardarova are tapping into the nation’s love for boxing right now, with the fitness benefits being quite extensive. Although BXR will feature the aforementioned treadmills, the fact that they have top boxing coach Jamie Reynolds and Dr Mike Loosemore of the Centre for Health & Human Performance involved too shows how seriously they are taking their offering.

‘Members can train like a champion and also recover like a champion,’ Sanyal proudly states. ‘This is not Boxercise, it’s explaining the art of boxing, so it’s mentally stimulating as well as physically.’

The space is hugely impressive, all 12,000 sq ft of it, set out over two floors. ‘It’s a state-of-the-art facility, but we have also tried to maintain that East End boxing gym feel,’ Sanyal adds, ‘so there’s lots of exposed concrete, and murals of Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali.’

There’s plenty of added value too. Joe & The Juice have developed a bespoke fitness menu for the Ringside Lounge, and BXR are also the sole UK distributor of Di Nardo tailored boxing gloves, made to measure for members.

Those joining can also accurately measure and track their progress using the fully integrated smartphone app, camera feeds and other analytical tools powered by RNF Digital.

‘BXR is a passion project for me,’ states the champ, Anthony Joshua. ‘We have pulled together the best coaches, medical teams and equipment in the business. I want people to train like I train.’ Or maybe we’ll just watch…



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