Sitting understated, luxe, airy and woodclad along Curzon Street, the talented Hiro Miyoshi’s hair salon is the place to be for on trend silky smooth hair, using Japanese techniques and products that are a cut above the rest

The team at Miyoshi Hair & Beauty are all either hipster cool or glamorously fabulous, a good sign you are about to step into the hands of people who know what they are doing. It’s no secret that the Japanese take customer service to a whole new level and at Miyoshi Hair & Beauty they loosely operate on the ancient native proverb ‘the customer is always right’ or ‘the customer is God’.

This means they are trained to deal with the most difficult of customers, making sure everyone leaves more than satisfied. I’m precious about my hair but in competent hands, I wouldn’t deem myself as a ‘difficult’ customer.

Although in the hands of hair mastermind Hiro Miyoshi I didn’t have to be, he knew what I wanted before I did and makes hair cutting and styling look like an art, gracefully working his scissors and utensils through my hair. I could have fallen asleep the whole ordeal was that relaxing.

With huge, curly hair that straightens easily but doesn’t hold, I was surprised when my hair hardly frizzed at all in the days ahead. That’s down to the specialist Yuko, Oribe and Nashi products Miyoshi uses, light weight magical products that I have never seen in any other London salon (I’ve been in a fair few).

They keep your hair ruler straight without weighing it down, and the effect lasts for a few washes, without leaving any nasty residue. You can’t feel these products in your hair at all, aside from the silky smooth and shine effects they have. They are truly miracle products.

Their top stylist Yuko spent 10 years in Tokyo before breaking the Mayfair hair scene. She specialises in what they call ‘Yuko’ hair straightening, just like her name – a patented hair straightening process that doesn’t cause any damage to the hair. In simpler terms, it’s known as Japanese hair straightening.

Yuko hair straightening is considered the best method globally that produces low maintenance, hassle free, shiny straight hair, no matter how unruly your hair is to begin with. From restoring essential nutrients into your hair and wrapping each strand in a special Aqua Gold Veil that has years of science and technology behind it, as well as lasting for a maximum of three weeks, the process is flawless.

To be honest, I was sold on the Aqual Gold Veil alone, it even sounds nourishing.

From a team that all look like Twilight vampires, uncannily beautiful and pristinely groomed, as if they’d each never aged past 25, to the futuristic hair technology they use and their genuine ‘no request is too big a request’ attitude, I thought ‘these are the type of people I’d entrust my hair to any day’ from the moment I stepped through the door.

And they went over, above and beyond my expectations that were already sky high. I walked out of there feeling like I was up there with the pin straight hair queens like Kim Kardashian or Cher, just for a moment…


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