Tracking your health is crucial for living a better life, even when you feel fit and well.

The ultimate health insight: how to transform your wellbeing and lifestyle 

It's a common myth that if you're young and feel fit, you don't need to have regular health checks.

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“We visit our GP when something’s wrong, but we shouldn’t neglect our health when everything feels right,” says Laura Mooney, a health scientist from Randox Health in London. 

Randox Health is a world-famous company that uses sensitive blood testing to produce personalised health data that allows its clients to track their health, identify early signs of illness and predict the risk of disease. This proactive approach to health is designed to help their clients stay healthier for longer.

Below, Laura explains the importance of tracking your health and how you can undergo a full check to improve your lifestyle.

Q: Why should I be tracking my health? 

A: The healthiest people in the world will still have ways they can improve themselves, so don’t wait until something goes wrong to get checked. It’s all about prevention and understanding your own wellbeing - tracking your health data means targeting problems before they arise, so you can live well for longer. 

Not every condition will present symptoms, and so you could be experiencing something that you weren’t aware of, or perhaps never considered. By detecting these signs early on, it’s simpler to resolve them and get your health back on track. 

We want to educate people to help them better understand their health so they can take ownership of their own wellbeing.

Patient sitting in the Randox Health lounge for their health test in Chiswick, London.

Randox Health offer a variety of health packages to help you track your progress. - Randox Health

Q: How can I become healthier and improve my wellbeing? 

A: When you go to the doctors, they may arrange for certain tests to address a problem you’re having, but what about other areas of your body? 

Medical treatment is not a one-size fits all approach - everyone’s unique, with different genetics and stressors which factor into their lives. We eat differently and pursue varying hobbies or interests that can affect our wellbeing. While exercise, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are all crucial for anyone living well, getting a health check (which I advise doing annually) will help you to understand areas for improvement that are specific to you. 

A comprehensive health check at Randox Health will provide an in-depth analysis of your overall wellness, so you can establish your baseline health and ‘know your normal’. This data can then be tracked over time to see if there has been an improvement or if there are still aspects you need to work on.

The Randox Health clinic that provides health tests to improve your wellbeing at Chiswick in London.

The EveryMan and EveryWoman health packages at Randox Health track 150 different areas of the body to highlight areas for improvement. - Randox Health

Q: What health checks are available to me?

A: We offer a range of tests at Randox Health, however, for an overall view of your health, we recommend our 'Everyman/Everywoman' and 'Signature' packages:

The ‘Everyman’ and ‘Everywoman’ package is an ideal option for those wanting to get a comprehensive understanding of their health and wellbeing at an affordable price. The programme involves three phases: 

1. A detailed health check - this analyses 150 data points throughout the body, covering diabetes risk, heart health, liver and kidney health, hormone levels, blood levels, vitamins, minerals and more. 

2. The post-result consultation - this is where you can discuss your results with a scientist, and everything will be explained so that you fully understand your health data. You will talk through the strengths to maintain and the deficiencies within your body that you should aim to improve upon. 

3. A follow-up health check - six months later, you will be invited back to the clinic, where you will undergo the same 150 data point check again. This offers an opportunity to compare and contrast your results to see where you have improved and the focal points for you to prioritise in your day-to-day life in the future. 

‘The Signature’ package is a more extensive option that builds upon the ‘EveryMan’ and ‘EveryWoman’ health check. This option is designed for individuals looking for a more personalised experience.

The welcome desk at the Randox Health clinic for health testing in Chiswick, London.

Each health package includes a discussion with a scientist or GP to discuss your results and understand how to improve your overall health. - Randox Health

The ‘EveryMan/EveryWoman’ package has designated areas which will be assessed, whereas ‘The Signature’ allows the individual to focus on or prioritise certain areas. For example, if someone is experiencing particular symptoms or has specific concerns, Randox can tailor the test to centralise around that particular area as well as check the rest of the body. 

'The Signature' programme also includes: 

1. A 350 data point check twice per year that’s bespoke and personalised to the individual’s priorities regarding their health. 

2. A consultation with a GP – this allows access to additional testing including genetic testing, which can be arranged following the results from the initial health check. 

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