Vinotherapy: Have You Visited Chelsea’s Wine Spa Yet?

Ella Di Rocco wellness medi-spa on Fulham Road has launched the UK’s first wine spa, where you can literally bathe in red wine. Founder Sonia Brilli tells The Resident why vinotherapy is good for your health

We’ve all heard (and at times clung to) the studies that a glass of red wine can be medicinal in moderation. But Ella Di Rocco Medi Spa on Fulham Road has taken that one step further by introducing the UK’s first red wine bath, where customers can bathe in the delectable drink. And, best of all, it’s supposedly good for you.

The new treatment lets clients soak in the bath as part of a package involving a merlot body scrub and a post-dip massage. But before you start thinking you might get drunk by osmosis, the bath is not purely red wine, but a mix of Sangiovese red wine, grapeseed oil, volcanic extracts, concentrate of grape juice and, of course, hot water.

This mixture helps your skin in a number of ways for the same reason that a glass of red wine is seen to have benefits – it’s all about those antioxidants, which can help the circulatory system and functioning of blood cells, says spa co-founder Sonia Brilli, alongside relaxing you and your skin, as any warm bath does.

‘The Sangiovese bath is a unique experience and the hot water helps a lot to stretch and relax the skin. As with any nice warm bath, you feel your skin is really relaxed and your pores open up,’ Brilli explains. ‘It also has an illuminating and de-stressing effect on your skin,’ she adds.

And, if the temptation of bathing in the wine is too much, clients can also enjoy a glass of Sangiovese while they relax. The treatments are customisable, with prices beginning at £90 for the bath and scrub and £190 for a bath and body wrap. Brilli opened the spa with her mother back in February with the idea to bring wine treatments from their native Italy over to the UK for the first time.

It’s all about those antioxidants – bathing in red wine can help the circulatory system and functioning of blood cells,

‘We specialise in marine-based facials and body treatments at Ella Di Rocco, so the wine therapy was an ideal one to have,’ she explains. ‘And we were quite shocked that in the UK it didn’t exist.’

As such an Instagram-friendly and exciting treatment, it’s hardly surprising that it has been quite a popular one, with both couples and friends: ‘Because our spa has been designed as a twin room a lot of people come to experience it together, or as a treat just for them, just to put pause on the hectic London life,’ she says.

‘We think that in London that there is a big gap in the beauty industry. You have really inaccessible five star hotel spas or you have salons that have not such good customer service and actually the treatments are not as innovative.

‘Or you have medi-spas where they do invasive treatments such as Botox or fillers. Everything that we use is very organic, very natural and we want to bring to the market the notion that invasive treatments are not necessarily the best.

‘It can solve a problem in the short term but the consequences to invasive treatments are not that much studied in depth.

‘We always want to tell clients that aging naturally with non invasive treatments is probably the best solution,’ she adds.

As a result, they offer a lot of unique treatments including marine therapy using algae and natural sea water, as well as having an in-house nutritionist, osteopath and a chance to speak to Brilli’s mother, who is a doctor by trade.

But, will be seeing any other wine treatments in the future – perhaps a rosé body wrap or a champagne soak?

‘Unfortunately any other type of wine does not have the same health benefits as red wine does so the treatment would not be as effective,’ says Brilli.

Oh well, I suppose we’ll have to stick to more traditional drinking methods on that one then.

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