Black car on the road. 3D render and illustration.

How to Ensure Your Car is in Top Condition

For your vehicle to be road worthy, it has to adhere to certain performance and safety guidelines. If you’re wondering what measures you should take to make your vehicle safe enough, Jet Wheel Tyre offers the following advice…

1 Tyre care
An obvious statement, sure, but your tyres are a major factor in how your car moves down the road, and the condition of your tyres is connected to how you accelerate, brake and turn safely – good quality tyres in a good condition are paramount to your safety.

Therefore don’t risk low-pressure levels or worn out tyres. Check your tyres frequently to ensure they are not damaged and can function well even in poor weather.

Jet Wheel Tyres in Basildon can help you replace damaged old tyres.

2 Clean & Replace Car Batteries Regularly
Battery performance checks are essential as flat batteries can surprise you and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Even though a battery can last five or six years, it’s common for some to last only two to three years.

A battery can die with no wear and tear, so properly check and replacing your battery as a precaution is sometimes necessary.

3 Check Fluids & Lubricants Frequently
Friction can affect how your car handles on the road. Engines get dirty and gritty over time, so keep it healthy by using oil regularly.

Car parts such as pistons and liners, the crankcase and even door hinges should also be greased or lubricated to ensure effective performance.

4 Inspect Car Electrical Equipment & Lights
Ensure all lights including the turn signal, headlights and brake lights are operating effectively.

Replace cracked and faded lenses to avoid putting your vehicle or yourself in any risk.

6 The Bottom Line
Don’t wait until you run into trouble to care for your car. Proactively maintain your car to keep it in its best condition, and to save you money in the long run.