Sports science is advancing at a rapid rate of knots, helping those in the know achieve better results. BodyWorksWest in Notting Hill is embracing this knowledge, deploying master trainers to tailor intelligent fitness and nutrition programmes to your exacting requirements…

Hidden down a leafy mews on Westbourne Grove is the most beautiful gym I have ever seen. Even the building itself is like a wise old owl when it comes to fitness – having started out 25 years ago as squash courts, it was later renovated into a gym and now houses the boutique style fitness club that is BodyWorks.

But on top of all of these attributes, BodyWorksWest also has master trainers who are really quite masterful. Marc Newby and Raheem Glistens are two such trainers based in Notting Hill, and its clear from my meeting with Newby just what it is that makes him different from the rest.

Having been training for around seven years now, Newby started at the studio a year ago and has never looked back – the fact that he trusts it as one of the best too is certainly a good starting point for the club.


With eclectic experience, Newby has an array of training techniques that he has honed and combined over the years. ‘I’ve seen a lot of gimmicks and fads come and go,’ he says. ‘It helped me to work out the different areas of fitness and nutrition that I wanted to focus on at different times. BodyWorksWest allowed me to pull together different systems in a way that I wanted to do them.’

There’s no doubt about it, BodyWorksWest is a beautiful fitness destination complete with anything you could ever want in a gym and leisure facility. But perhaps the thing that makes it different from the rest is the way in which it feels like a home, and a trendy one at that.

People come in regularly and everybody knows each other – it’s a cool club

A big movement in fitness for 2016 was creating spaces that felt like home and BodyWorksWest has been ahead of the game with this for a while. It feels like an extension to the close-knit Notting Hill community outside.

‘There really is a definite community feel to it,’ enthuses Newby. ‘People come in regularly and everybody knows each other – it’s a cool club. Even if you’re not into the gym, there’s a stunning pool, Yoga classes, different types of Pilates, there’s something for everyone.’

So what does being a master trainer entail? ‘For me, it’s recognition of my commitment to getting results with people,’ says Newby. ‘I come at this from a similar angle to my clients. I wasn’t born into the industry as some genetically ready 22-year-old! I had to make changes and fix myself along the way. I look at fitness as how to get the most out of it and get the best results.’

As master trainer, he develops fitness programmes tailored to the client for individual results. Perhaps you want to lose weight, run marathons or return to a high intensity sport after injury – whatever the reason for your fitness journey, Newby can put together a plan. ‘Rather than specialising in one thing, I try to adapt to different needs and different goals,’ he says.

It’s about simplifying things. The nutritional aspect is important and if I can get somebody’s energy levels right and work with their hormones, I will get good results

‘For me, it’s about simplifying things for 2017,’ says Newby. ‘The nutritional aspect is important and if I can get somebody’s energy levels right and work with their hormones, I will get good results with them. It doesn’t have to be high intensity.’

People are realising that if you focus on the basics, you get better results. For Newby, this is music to his ears. ‘Basic, pragmatic strength training is my thing for this year,’ he says. ‘I work around clients plans and still provide a training system that makes as much use of their time, and gets results. That’s what I specialise in.

‘There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors surrounding the fitness industry and this is what I want to simplify.’

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