A new luxury skincare range, KITA, launches in London next week. Be the first to try it with facials using the products at Grace Belgravia, the private members’ club for women

KITA is inspired by the Five Elements, an Oriental way of viewing life whereby everything that exists is made up of five different energies or elements. Everyone belongs to one dominant element – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water – and responds to each element differently, when one is imbalanced it can affect your skin. With that in mind, KITA has launched five moisturising serums formulated to work with one of the five elements.

KITA’s approach to skincare is built on the on the basis that you need to ‘Discover Your Element’ to restore balance to your skin and its skin experts, along with an online questionnaire will help you do that. 

All five serums share the same fragrance and the same active base of ingredients, which includes Poets Narcissus, for skin toning and brightening; Platinum Peptides, for suppleness; Matrikines, to promote skin renewal; Bluebird Hibiscus, a powerful anti-oxidant, and Red Algae, to improve the skin’s elastin tissues and reduce fine lines.

On top of the base ingredients KITA’s serums have then been tailored to an individual element, with a complex of a carefully selected ingredients and micro-gems (these include jade, sapphire, topaz, moonstone and ruby.)


Be the first to try KITA’s facials at Grace Belgravia

Find your right serum on 23rd and 24th September at Grace Belgravia, where five specifically formulated KITA Balancing Sequences, tailored to each one of the Five Elements, have been created. The facials will incorporate a restorative cleanse that includes a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Each treatment is tailored to you and works to stimulate the key acupressure points of the face that reflect your personal element. 

The 45 min treatment costs £125 and includes KITA’s Moisturising Serum Complex (RRP £95 for 50ml). To book, contact Grace Belgravia’s Spa department on +44 (0)20 7235 8900 /

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