PETITION TO GET PETS ON THE EUROSTAR! are starting a petition in favour of a designated carriage for dogs on the Eurostar. If you think your pooch needs to see Paris, read on… 

Do you know a pug who’d love to play fetch down the Champs-Élysées? Or a Labradoodle who keeps barking on about visiting La Louvre? Would your friend’s French bulldog love to peruse the cultural historic sites of the Marseille port? Here’s your chance to make all their dreams come true (and yours too.)

New plans unveiled by Eurostar to launch direct services from London to the Mediterranean from May 1st next year mean that there has never been a more important time to get involved and sign the government petition to allow dogs to travel in a designated carriage on the Eurostar.

‘Trains allow pets either side of the Channel and by car through Eurotunnel, but for those without a vehicle, there is little option. A pet-friendly Eurostar carriage allowing pet owners to travel with their dog, without affecting the quality of travel for other passengers, would provide a much requested service,’ comments Denise Elphick, co–founder of

With over 2,000 signatures already and the number growing every day, the petition needs as much support as possible to reach the 100,000 signatures needed by 30th September to make change happen and for the issue to be debated in the House of Commons.

To sign the petition, click here:, and join and their pioneering campaign. On twitter? #petstoparis and tweet @PetsPyjamas to show your support.


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