Mindfulness is an inescapable trend in the wellness market, sparking controversy as well as garnering adamant supporters applauding its benefits. Rachel Le Feuvre, founder of The Reset Button, is in the latter and sings its praises with its incorporation into her new holistic retreat, offering you a chance to have a long weekend to exercise your mental fitness in Barcelona

Words: Ivy Bridges

Conjured up after 15 years spent as an advertising director, The Reset Button is the more relaxed brainchild of Rachel Le Feuvre. The retreat takes a unique route, straying from the general path of many mindfulness retreats by incorporating mindfulness, nutrition, fitness and relaxation all into one. This combination was no coincidence; Rachel knew she wanted to create a program that could benefit everyone and offer long-term benefits.

‘If one area doesn’t have the solution for you, another one does. Everyone who does the retreat goes away with something different; for some mindfulness really changes their life, and for others it’s the nutrition.’

The Reset Button was the result of years of corporate world exhaustion and Rachel deciding to make a lifestyle change. Rather than focusing on quick fixes like other retreats, Rachel looks at the long-term: ‘I focus on giving people real, tangible ways to change their lives post-retreat.’

I focus on giving people real, tangible ways to change their lives post-retreat

The retreat provides up to two months of additional support after the initial retreat, leading to lifestyle changes. The Reset Button is one of few retreats that actually have an employed psychotherapist, guiding participants every step of the way. The therapist helps free the mind and discuss people’s feelings as they go through the detox.





‘Toxins can be stored any where in the body; in your joints or in your muscles and some believe these toxins can contain emotions, which are then released back into the body during detoxing. You have your high and lows, which are a natural part of the detox. Many retreats miss out on the support, so that’s a key part of why I set The Reset Button up like it is and why I have chosen the specific group of experts that we have; people who can fully and holistically support detoxers throughout the entire process.’

The retreat is held just outside of Barcelona in a masia in a hidden locale, nestled into a forest of pine trees with incredible views of the Pyrenees. A typical day includes an hour of mindfulness, followed by gourmet meals devised by professional chefs. There is ample time for relaxation either poolside, or by taking an afternoon hike. Yoga or boxing classes are an evening option, followed by massage. Guests enjoy dinner with the therapists, giving you the chance to gain more insight.

Sometimes we forget to be happy, and these happiness workshops are about reigniting people’s happiness muscle memory

If you’re looking for something longer than a weekend getaway, Rachel is hosting a Big Reset in Brazil in January 2017. Guests will be picked up by private jets in Northern Brazil and experience a sunny 7 day program, similar to Rachel’s other retreat. 

Can’t make it away for the weekend? Rachel is one of the few hosts of happiness workshops throughout the city at various locations like the Shoreditch house, as well as hosting workshops for Stylist Live, the HER event and Best You Exhibition. Rachel loves her happiness workshops because she believes some retreats can be quite heavy, but not her workshops: ‘Sometimes we forget to be happy, and these happiness workshops are about reigniting people’s happiness muscle memory. ’

Rachel has also started an 8-week online mindfulness course, which is based off the scientifically proven MBSR structure. Perfect for the busy Londoner, Rachel says the course makes a difference to how your brain actually works and its levels of anxiety and stress. She urges everyone to try a mindfulness program at least once and see how they feel.  

‘Sometimes you just need to switch things off, sort a few things out, and then switch back on.’

Some would call that a reset… 

The next retreat is the Autumn Advantage from 22 September to 26 September, starting from £1,350. For upcoming events and more information check out

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